Thursday, August 21, 2014

College Grant

Today we found out that Steve has gotten a full grant to go to college and his first term is completely paid for:)  Yeah!  What a relief.  Now I'm still working on Shad's Step Up For Student grant and hoping that he will get it for this year.  He has had it since kindergarten (it's a grant that enables him to go to a private school for free)  This year I have submitted things over & over again and gotten no where.  I thought it was all in but checked back on their website and they are again asking for something.  How annoying.  We've done this for 5 years, submitted the same paperwork year after year and this year has had so many problems!

Selah stood in her stander today for the first time since the surgery.  She did great, seemed to be comfortable.  Her left leg is noticeably shorter now since the surgery but we can put a block under it and she is fine.  Her therapist is ordering a specific one for her.

Steve is working at Habitat today and I'm here with the little ones.  Since it was Selah's day for a bath, I thought it would be a good idea to give the little ones an early bath too.  It was a good idea, I have two sleeping babies!!!!!  Woohoo!  Of course I may regret this about 10 pm tonight!

I'm reading the remarks that Richard Dawkins made when asked about aborting a child with Down Syndrome.  He said "Abort it and try again, it would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have a choice"   RD is an atheist who wrote the book "the God delusion"   It is so easy to say look at him & his remarks and you can see what the lack of God in someone's life will do to them.   There is so much I could say but to sum it up (and keep me from getting in trouble) the guy is a total immoral jerk.....  It's hard not to hate someone who says something like that but his words come from a dark deep spot in him.  He needs God in his life......

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No Ice Bucket Challenge for me

Y'all know I'm all about raising money for good causes.  For some reason I never felt "good" about the ice bucket challenge.  I know two friends who lost their fathers to ALS and a pastor's wife in our area who is battling it right now.    One of our nurses specialized in ALS patients for several decades and has told me stories of their lives.  It is a horrible disease!  I've now read the Catholic church is discouraging participation in this fund raising because the ALS Association gives money to embryonic stem cells research.  That is cells that come from aborted babies.

Before you think I'm some cruel inhumane person, please know we have had to make some decisions about trying stem cell therapy for Selah.  We KNOW the feeling of desperation and of wanting your loved one to be well.  I've researched and looked into it, talked to a few doctors and we just could not go any further with things.   We hope in the future there will be trials that could use her own stem cells but right now there is nothing we can find. 

I believe as a Christian, all our decisions whether it is where we give or what kind of medical treatments we seek out should be thought out thoroughly.   In the article there is an alternative given " The Archdiocese asks that any money raised is sent instead to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute in Iowa City, Iowa, where the research is only conducted using adult stem cells."

In this high tech medical world, we need to carefully look at what we chose to do and support.  We are cognitive of this as we have had many medical decisions to make about our children.   It is hard to deal with  and it is easy to become desperate.  I know many will disagree with me over this matter and tell me that we can't control everything we give to nor can we know exactly where the money might go.....  and that is very true.  However if I know for sure that an organization is involved in some type of research that I'm uncomfortable with, I feel an obligation to not participate. 

My heart goes out to anyone affected by this disease and certainly this has raised awareness of the disease and interest.  I'm sure good will come out of it.  But we can never let "the end justify the means"! 


Well I'm off the wagon for the week....I've been skipping walking to eat breakfast with one of my besties who will work as a full time teacher this coming school year.  This week has been the "getting the classroom ready week" so we've managed breakfast for the whole week so far LOL!    I'm going to be so sad when she goes to work full time.  This feels like our last hurrah!   But we've had such a good time eating together every morning & catching up on life!

Heard some awful news today.  One of my little ones' therapists had her home burn down last night!!!
There is a link where you can give to them at  I'm hoping our church can do something for them also!!!

Selah had her 6 week post op doctor appointment and things look good.  She is free to be back on her stander and back to much more vigorous therapy.  She is showing a slight curvature of her back that we will look at again in a few months.  The doctor is not worried but we want to absolutely make sure that she has no issues with that!  He almost thinks it is from how she was positioned on the xray table but didn't want to do another xray today as they had to do it twice today as it was.  We will certainly keep our eye on this!

Hope you all are having a great week! 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1,000th post

Oh my this is the 1,000th post I've written.  that in itself is a little scary!  This post should be deep but I'm not sure that is going to happen but we will see LOL  Most days I come to blog and I really don't know what I'm going to say.  Oh I could blog up a storm about 3 am when I wake up with my mind just don't know the amount of blogs you have missed out on that I am have written in the middle of the night.  LUCKY YOU LOL!!!!

Well first the personal news, I'm OFF the H pylori meds!  My tongue started peeling off in strips and my lips went numb.  Yesterday I was a mess, even our nurse took my blood pressure since I looked so bad. The doctor feels like since I've done 8 days I should be ok but I'll be retested in few weeks.  The meds are so strong they just knocked me for a loop!

This morning I went to meet a friend for breakfast and a wasp got stuck in my hair!  Thankfully the restaurant manager was able to beat it off of me.  LOL  It is a very good thing I am not too self conscious as that was quite the spectacle!   I'm quite allergic to wasps so I'd probably have had really numb lips if I had gotten stung!

Everyone is doing fine around here.  School starts next week for Steve and Shad.  Steve goes to buy his books on Friday.  Shad will have the same teacher as he did last year for which I am so grateful.  Shad is a good kid, but he needs a really strong hand and she is the one for him!  We work together good.  The little ones' schedule has increased as they all have more services starting this week.   It keeps us busy!

Well on this 1000th blog.....what's going on in my mind?

The Riots in Ferguson MO are one thing I'm thinking of.....   Sad that people would use an incident to cause problems for so many in the community.  Terrible that the police officer is not being supported by his department-if he was criminally wrong, then charge him if not support him.  From what I am seeing/reading there is plenty of evidence that backs up the officer's story.  I believe IF there were evidence to charge the officer, he would have been charged by now.  It's also ridiculous that  order can not be restored in that town!  There is no clear voice taking authority in the situation.  Rules change from day to day.  I have never heard of such foolishness.  Set a curfew, and arrest anyone that is out after curfew....  But this going back and to, trying so hard to be everyone's friend....reminds me of a parent who can't control an unruly child and tries to placate the child.  Guess what?  It does NOT work!   And what the heck is the president doing getting involved????  Is that not a clear overstep of authority???

This is the bottom line with what I think about RACE....  LET IT GO!
The folks who seem to be so focused on RACE are the ones stirring up things.  Ok things were crappy in the past for different races.  Let the past go!  When I look at a person or a situation, I don't think of it in RACE terms.  Would this shooting had been different if the young man was white or if the cop was black?  Of course it would have been different and that is stupid.  We would have never heard about it.  Things happen all the time but you never hear of because it does not meet certain standards.   Do I think there is any evidence the cop shot this guy just because the guy was black?  No- the guy had just robbed a store and had drugs in his system.  It sounds as if he was very aggressive and since he was so aggressive only minutes before in a store, common sense would make me think the young man was still being aggressive.    If that is not the case and the cop acted with malice, then deal with the cop!  Let the law put him away.  But why burn down business of good people in the community?????  OMG!  I do not understand that mentality at all!!!!  

Ok.....  y'all want to tackle anything else?

If someone came here ILLEGALLY send them back.....  (that was simple)   Problem today, we listen to too much.

Israel/Gaza- support Israel

ISIS- destroy them

Support Ukraine

Robin Williams/ sad but personal responsibility  is still involved.   Circumstances in life can be awful and yet some people cling to life.  Personally I believe when I was depressed- diagnosed as clinically depressed and bulimic (two different occasions) I was totally self centered.  When I got my eyes off of ME and my sad circumstances, change came.   Does that mean I think anyone who commits suicide is an awful person?  Of course not, but I think we have come so far as we are starting to glamourize depression and suicide and that is not healthy!   Don't condemn someone for being depressed, support, get them help, be their friend but the person has a responsibility also.  Depression/Circumstances  may not be a choice, BUT a person has a choice of how they chose to deal with it.  For the record, I am ONLY talking about depression, not PTSD, bi-polar, or any other diagnosis. 

Life can suck....I've had a sad life since the day I was born.  I've dealt with all kinds of tragedies, and disappointments so based on the circumstances of my life I could chose to focus on the harsh realities and I have at times.  I think I have my PH.d  in sadness.   But I make a choice DAILY to not go to the dark side.  For me, I put my focus on God and eternal truths.  That is what gets me through life.  AND as Christians, the bible tells us to "weep with those who weep"  so we have a responsibility to our friends and family who may struggle with depression.   If you know of someone who is struggling, be there for them!!!!

So now that I've managed to tick everyone off.......

we heard this on the news today
two children in a stroller, both seemed to be ok.    Looking at the scene my husband said the difference was that there was a earthen bank where they could pull them out.  In our situation, there were only concrete walls, no way to do anything but tread water till help could come.   Thankful that this family can be rejoicing today that all is well. 

So lots of things on my mind.  Some you may not have wanted to hear.....

It's crazy to me that I've written 1000 blog posts and have had close to 2 million readers....   Thank you all for your readership (is that a word?)  Your support, prayers and messages.    If you have read all 1000 posts, there is probably some medicine you can take for it....... 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Boy in the Mirror!

This morning Sam discovered himself in the mirror!
He had never paid attention to the mirror or himself before.  This was so cute!!!!   


Saturday, August 16, 2014

God is STILL faithful

Yesterday was TWO years since the accident.  It was a hard day, not as hard as last year but still very sad for me.  I noticed the time as I was eating lunch at Habitat for Humanity and tears welled up.  I still remember the moment two years ago that I became aware something was wrong....12:10 pm.

 I was sitting in the dining area of Ronald McD House, we'd eaten pizza with our friends and were waiting for them to come to the lobby with their luggage and for Jon to get back from his walk.  Shad had gone back outside to the Lemonade Stand to raise money for RMH, Steve had gone to the tv room with Sarah and I was reading the newspaper. 

In the newspaper there was an obituary for a little 4 year old boy who had drown over the weekend.  Sitting there I said a prayer for the family who was having his funeral that day.  Then someone walked in and said there were a ton of emergency vehicles down at the end of the street.  I looked at the clock and remarked that Jon & the little ones should have been back by now.....

Little did I know as I was praying for that little boy's family, my own family was already involved in a tragedy.

Since there was so much traffic on Westmoreland Dr, I went outside to check on Shad, not wanting him to be too close to the street.  We also had a radio station there, LIVE for the Lemonade Stand, lots of commotion going on.  As I looked down the street at the dozens of emergency vehicles,  something inside of me said "GO" and I began running down the road in spite of having just had a foot surgery the week before......   the rest is history, horrible moments that I will never forget.....

Somehow in that way a mother feels, I just knew that the emergency vehicles were there for my family....

So now two years have passed since that day......

The one thing I can stand on is that God is so a good God.  He is near to the broken hearted, He is a very present Help in time of trouble.  Those are not trite Christian sayings, they are things I have experienced first hand.  If you read nothing else on this blog that I have ever written (by the way this is the 998th blog post on here)   Know this God is who the Bible says He is.   I've tested Him and know it to be true. 

Maybe you don't understand this, maybe you've had hard times when it seemed like God was a million miles away and you've gotten angry at Him but know He is near, He doesn't promise us in the bible to deliver us from every problem (despite the many silly claims that you hear from misguided people who put silly slogans on FB) but He will walk with us through the hard times. 

Through all of this I've prayed that God would keep my heart and He has.  I've made choices to trust God and I've made choices to not give into despair and hopelessness by reminding myself that this life is not all there is, this is not the End.  

I encourage you to turn to God with whatever you are going through.  God is not a genie in the bottle who will give you every wish, that is not His character but He will give you strength if you turn to Him. 

He is a God that will walk with you through this life and lead you into eternity if you chose to walk with Him. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Selah

Happy 10th Birthday Selah. You were our "surprise child" but God knew we'd be your parents. I'm so glad we have you & I'm so glad you are safe and that your health is stable. With each of my children, I have cried for various reasons, for you I have shed more tears than I ever knew I had in me. We are as committed to you today as we were the day we left the orphanage with you. You'll never be alone again. I pray daily, throughout the day, and even in my sleep that God will bring you out of the coma. But even if He doesn't we know that this life is short and eternity is long. For all of eternity we will be together for that I'm thankful. Love you La-La girl.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Day 4 almost done with the H Pylori pills....only got the 3 bedtime ones to go for today.  I've kept them all down and I'm thankful.  During the day I have a low level nausea but by about 5 pm I feel like I have morning sickness.  I have no appetite but crave salt (just like I did when pregnant!)  The only thing that I can eat that helps is fried chicken (LOL my absolute comfort food!)  and a baked potato from Wendy's.  By supper time I can't even feed the kids, I can't stand the smell of food.  Nor can I cook.  Tomorrow I'm going to do a roast in the morning before I start feeling sick so it will be ready by suppertime. 

But what helps me the most is I think of friends who for various reasons have to take a lot of meds and I tell myself to "SUCK IT UP!"    If they can do it for a lot longer than 10 days I need to just shut up and that helps me. 

I have 7 more days to go and I will be so glad to get this over with!

Everything is good in the Clanton household.  Selah is doing just wonderful.  We think we have figured out WHY she was having spikes in her heart rate and so many issues before the hip surgery, she was in pain, more than we knew and for longer than we knew.  Now she is just perfect day after day once she got over the worst of the surgery.   So thrilled that we were able to get her in and have the surgery so soon after noticing a problem. 

Some times the "TROLLS" I've told you about love to talk about how Selah could walk by herself before the accident and how that skill was taken away from her.  In fact she did not like to walk, she scooted on her bottom all through the house.  She would grumble if we took her by the hand and made her walk to the van.  We used to hear her coming down the hall of the orphanage crying because she had to walk down the hall.    Because she was bedridden for so long, she did not put much weight on her legs and her hips were a problem for her.  She did not have much cartilage and  her femur was probably always a bit out of whack.  She couldn't bend her legs while she walked and she waddled like a penguin.  Of course we had hopes that she would get better with therapy but had no assurance of that at all.  Obviously with some spacity  this problem got worse and that is why she had to have this last operation. 

I do not think Sarah will ever walk with out a walker and then only for short amounts of time.  We are going to the specialist next week but it seems she has gotten to a point and can't get beyond that point.  Again she was bedridden, her legs/hips are all out of whack in a different way than Selah. 


These pictures are from earlier.  I was busy doing something and Sarah decided that Steve would do as her buddy to sit with even if he was reading. 

  But a little later the world's cutest Energizer Bunny wore out and took a late nap in her very favorite chair.  I do believe she thinks this chair was bought JUST for her.  She will "pat" people on their legs if they sit in it!