Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pampered Chef Party!

So I'm doing on on-line Pampered Chef party.  Pampered Chef is a company that makes kitchen products, it is sold by people having parties in their homes.  I've never been one to buy things at those type of parties (or go to them if I could help it LOL) but I absolutely LOVE Pampered Chef stuff.  I have 4 cooking stones that I use every single day, they are different sizes from small to large, rectangular to round.  They are great, cooks things crispy on them and last forever. Two of the stones are older than Sam:) 

Pampered Chef has products other than stones and all of them are things you will use year after year.  One of my friends, Brook, works for them.  A couple of years ago I was trying to find someone who still sold PC and asked on FB and found that she does.  We did an online party a few years ago and now are doing another one. 

Yvonne is hosting an ONLINE Pampered Chef Show, so you don't have to actually GO to a party! It's all done online. :)

All orders can be placed online and shipped to Yvonne or directly to you! The website is SAFE and SECURE and your card will not be charged until we finalize the show and submit all orders together on A...
ugust 8th.

Here is how to order:
2-Click Shop Online and enter YVONNE CLANTON as your host
3-Shop away!
Don't forget those upcoming birthdays, bridal showers, anniversaries, housewarming parties, kids off to college, etc! There is something for everyone in every price range and within your budget!

Spend $60 or more and get a Bar Board or Small Flexible Cutting Mats for FREE!

Need help with recipes? Contact Brooke at
https://www.facebook.com/events/1456835614569841/1456869334566469/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity     this is the FB page which is public.  You can ask questions on here.

So if you like the products and would like to order something please feel free to.  When people order using my code, I get points towards stuff.   I want to get this
this will help me eat some of the veggies I don't like as much.  If I can get them cut thin enough, then I can eat them:)   I love cucumber but it has to be thin.  With this, it will be thin! And then maybe I'll be thin LOL!

This morning I sent in  $400 to Little Flowers Project
I was able to write on their wall and give the credit to the readers of my blog and our church folks.  Thank you for giving to this wonderful project that saves children's lives every day!!!!  You can also give directly to them without going through me by clicking on the tab above.  Please consider giving, even a small gift is so helpful!


It is SO hot in Florida right now, the heat index is up in the 100's!  Yesterday's walk almost wiped me out so I got there this morning at 6:45 am before the sun came up and was able to easily get my two miles in before the sun hit me.  It's still was in the 80's and humid but I'm used to Florida weather.   My goal is to go early, before the sun in up to walk until it gets a little cooler, like November LOL!

Hope you are having a great week!

Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm her Mmmmmm

Well I am continuing my daily walk/exercise plan and trying to eat in moderation at home.  We don't have a scale at home so I have to weigh myself at our grocery store.  For some reason all Publix grocery stores have scales....in the FRONT of the store so everyone can see how much you weigh LOL!  This morning I thought I would die as I began the walk.  Last night I had to take an anxiety pill.  I have no idea why, nothing was going on which is usually how it works LOL.  The times when things are nutso, I don't need a pill, it's the quiet that scares me I guess!!!   Anyhow the pill doesn't make me sleepy when I take it BUT when I go to sleep, I can hardly wake up and I feel sleepy the next day.  Well I pushed myself to get up this morning and go and I did it. By the time I was finished, all that "hang over" feeling was gone.  Although I actually did take a nap late this afternoon & it was nice!

Tonight I baked bbq chicken legs, green beans, baked beans, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese.  It was good comfort food.  One thing I notice is the kids are happier & satisfied when they have a good meal at home.  Plus then we have nice left overs for lunch!

So today was just a busy day for me.  Drove to Lakeland to meet with the church's accountant.  While there I went grocery shopping, big day LOL

So not much happening around here.  Selah seems to be fine again, don't know what the little episode was, we think it was just a little upset tummy. 

Really thought I had a blog to write but I'm sleepy and Sarah wants mommy to hold her, NOT the laptop:)  I love holding my little girl, wondering what goes through her mind as she reaches to touch my face and smiles.  So thankful she's in my lap not in an orphanage tied to a bed.  How she could be so loving, I can't understand.  But every time I look at her, I marvel that she is my sweet girl.  Now she calls for me, a little Mmmm sound that is trying to be a Mommy sound.  So glad I'm her Mmmmmm  :) 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Being a PW

Being a Pastor's wife (PW) is interesting to say the least.  I've read a few books written from the pastor's point of view about being a pastor and living in the spotlight, but I've never read one from a PW's point of view.  Probably because the PW would be way too honest LOL!

For my readers who go to church, you know there are just days you don't want to get up and get the kids and yourself up and ready...and go.  Well....I can absolutely promise you that there are days when your pastor or PW doesn't want to go either!  I remember back a few years ago our church was going through a "time".  Jon and I would lay in bed and feel like putting the pillows over our heads, pulling down the shades and staying home!  LOL!  But we did not ever do it, we went out and faced our adversaries, dealt with the mess and went about the Father's business. 

Being a PW, is harder in some ways than being a pastor.  People tend to make remarks to the PW about how things should go....usually with me that only happens once or twice:)  People can be mean to your husband or your family and as you know, the Mama Bear in me is quite large so that can get a bit awkward.   And again that usually happens only once with me LOL

As you can tell if you've been reading my blog for long, I'm not a typical PW.  I don't play the piano, really don't sing although I have been drafted a few times, I absolutely hate to pray out loud in front of people, I'm not demonstrative, people as a group just wears me out.  I'm a realistic and worked with criminals for years, I know about things that most people never even want to think about....., crime is interesting to me.   Talk about being different than the typical PW 

We are at a great place in our church right now.  We've been here almost 9 years.  We followed a pastor who had been here 27 years.  Generally the pastor who follows a long term pastor is a short term pastor, meaning per statistics we should have been long gone.  In fact, coming here we committed to 5 years in our mind.  We felt that was fair to the church.  We didn't feel a huge "calling" to come here but it all seem to fall into place.  After we were here about 2.5 years the honeymoon was over, things needed to be dealt with and people realized we were not like the former pastor. 

Dealing with that crazy time really was when we felt the calling to pastor here.  We were told by our denominational leaders that we shouldn't even put up with the problems of this church.  We could leave and they could just close it down and find us another "easier" church.  But we knew that was not what God wanted.  Somehow He gave us the grace to walk through that time, then begin the task of rebuilding the church both in membership and the actual buildings that were in such disrepair.   Now we have a small but actually growing congregation of folks who have loving hearts and a totally renovated church.  Most of them are involved in some type of ministry themselves, prison, motorcycle chaplaincy, nursing homes, music etc....   The ones who aren't involved in something are elderly and they pray for the ones in the church who are involved. 

One great thing about our church is that I feel accepted:)  Being I'm not the typical PW, many people don't know what to do with me and believe me I can not fake it!  I LOVE that the congregation accepts me and my gifts which are more administrative than typical.  I'm the one who dealt with the remodeling of the church/fellowship hall, I handle the issues that come up in regards to the building or bills or whatever... and until recently I cleaned the church.  Now I have a friend and her hubby that does the cleaning and boy do they clean good!  

About a year ago, our church turned a curve....don't' understand it but God just began to bring in families.  Up till that point, we were thrilled if we hit 30 in attendance.  Now we have strong families, strong couples and even with a huge group gone today to Fine Arts, we still hit 30! This is the first year our church has ever participated in our denominations' Fine Arts program.   We have a group of boys who won first place in the state and now are going to Nationals for traditional percussion band.  Next year we will have several more kids old enough to participate and are already thinking of various categories they can compete in. 

We partnered with a Spanish church and they are seeing growth also.  Our missions giving is just skyrocketing and the missionaries we support is growing. 

Anyhow being a PW is interesting.  You see the worse of folks and the best.  You have stories that you can never ever tell but that are just hysterical. 

I don't feel I have to fit into anyone's idea of what a PW should be, 

One time when we were working in a NYC in a church and also in a inner city ministry, a lady we worked with, asked Jon IN FRONT OF ME...why he married me.   Me being the smart butt that I am AND not really liking the lady said "I tricked him" and flounced off!  LOL   In our younger years in ministry people tended to be meaner to me.  I guess I was nicer or just not as confident as I am now.  But now people are generally afraid of me LOL  I'm confident in who I am in God and in relation to my/our calling.  And I tend to have a rather sharp tongue too LOL

We've laughed about that for many years now.  And no I didn't trick him, he has known of me for a long time and had an idea of what I was about. 

I've always said I hope that my kids do not go into ministry unless it is the ONLY thing they can do.  What do I mean by that?  What I mean is unless ministry is in your blood, don't do it.  Unless you know that God has called you to it, do not even attempt it!  It can be a killer.  BUT if there is nothing else you will be happy doing but ministry....GO FOR IT!

Being in ministry is a privilege and a calling.  I wouldn't trade it for anything this world has to offer.  I wish I had given more of my life and heart to it as a younger person.  BUT it has not been exactly what I thought it would be either!

If you are a PW reading this, I just encourage you to be yourself, put your family FIRST and do not ever let anyone put THEIR expectations on YOU! 

So anyhow that is what is on my mind tonight. 


Selah has done fine, no more spitting up!  I'm so thankful!

Hope you have a good week!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  Everything is interesting to read about from novels, mysteries, biographies, whatever....even if a book is boring, I will usually finish it just because I have to know "the rest of the story"  Working at the thrift store, I've been buying some books lately.  Yesterday I found a book by Herman Wouk.  I believe he is still alive and will 100 years old next year.  I have read his two famous books "The Winds of War" and " War and Remembrance "  These books were also made into a miniseries which is excellent.  Yesterday I found the book "The Hope" about the beginning of Israel as a nation.  It's very interesting.  I'm very Pro-Israel for many reasons.  I don't have the "Christian" viewpoint that I have to endorsee everything that Israel does because they are God's "chosen people"  They've done  somethings wrong over the last 6000 years or so but I do believe that they are a nation set apart by God.  Obviously they are the only democracy in the Middle East and for that alone we should show them some support! 

Anyhow this book is so interesting, especially with the things going on in the Middle East like they are right now. 

I'm also reading a Victoria Holt book that is kind of a romance/mystery to take the tension out of the other book!  BTW I don't read books that are ungodly...just saying.....I know there are some doozys out there right now. 

Last night Selah did great.  She gagged once but handled the pedilite fine.  We are considering whether or not to give her the normal formula tonight.  It seems she just had a little tummy bug.

Steve is working today at Habitat for Humanity.  I went grocery shopping (finally!) and then Jon had to do a funeral.  It's been a busy Saturday around here.  I still got up and went walking this morning although after walking, exercising and working all day yesterday I actually had to take a hot bath last night and I'm not a bath person, I bet that is the first bath I've taken since we've lived here in over 8 years LOL  Don't worry I do take showers LOL!

Friday, July 25, 2014

100 Volunteer Hours

Our 100 volunteer hours for Habitat for Humanity are done:)  Steve & I worked today while Jon kept the younger kids.  Before we started volunteering at HH, I never knew how much work goes into a thrift store.  HH runs thrift stores in order to make money to buy supplies and things needed for the houses they build.  Steve normally helps move furniture and that is an all day job, new things coming in, things being bought....today he was taught how to run the cash register.  My duties are usually to go through clothes and cull out the really stained and dirty things.  It seems to becoming my weekly job which is fine.  As a perk, I find clothes for the kids:)  (boy did I find some nice stuff that I bought for the girls!)  I also straighten up that area.  Today I got that done early and then helped to stock the shelves and to price things.  As soon as I finished one buggy, more stuff came in and I had another buggy to do!   We still are in need of folks in this area who could volunteer for our family at either the Dade City Restore or the Zephyrhills Restore.  As a requirement for our new house, we have to have 100 hours given by volunteers for us.  And since Steve has been offered a job there, it's in their regulations that ALL our hours have to be in before he can start.  Luckily we can work on the volunteer hours ourselves.  One friend has done 16 hours so we only have 84 hours to do before Steve can actually start working at HH as an employee.    SO if you live in this area, we'd appreciate the help in getting the hours in.  We know we have some groups that will be helping on the house and normally that would be all we'd need.  But we have to get those hours in earlier so Steve can start working:)  They are a great group of folks and we are just thrilled that Steve will have the opportunity to work his first job there.  Who knows what doors that will open for him and how it will affect his long term future.....  He's already thinking of what kind of degree he'd need to run a charity like HH.....

Please pray for Selah.  She had an alarming situation this morning.  Her oxygen level went into the 70's early this morning.  Her nurse actually bagged her as she was putting on the oxygen.  We've never had to do that before.  Selah responded fine within just a few minutes and has not had another issue with her oxygen level.  But she threw up/spit up a little this morning, again this afternoon and now tonight.  We are just giving her Pedilyte tonight to see if she can handle it.  All kids get little bugs and as long as we can keep her hydrated, then there is no reason to take her to the hospital.  Thank God for our nurses!!!  I'd be very fearful if I didn't have them here. 

I want to thank a couple of folks.....
Thank you Shirley from Ohio for the pink butt paste.  So far it has done better on Sarah than the two prescriptions we've tried and certainly better than anything over the counter!!!!  Thank you!  And it smells nice:)

Thank you Jennifer from Texas for the nice gloves!  What an nice encouraging note and present to come home to this afternoon.  I have to admit my garden has not done as good this year as usual.  However we did harvest all our sunflowers for one of our nurses who has a big bird.  My carrots are ready to come out to as soon as I do a stew. 

I love the emails I've been getting lately too.  It's fun to hear back from you all. 

Also I want to remind you of our orphan project LITTLE FLOWERS!    We've had $400 come in to send to them.  I'm waiting till the end of the month to see if more will come in and send it all at once.  We have sent them $200 so far so we will have sent them $600.  I follow them on FB
on their blog
and this is their GoFundMe page where you can give directly to them without sending a check to the church

I LOVE what they do for the special needs orphans of China.

If I could just do whatever I wanted....I'd love to run an orphanage somewhere in the world for special needs kids.   I can not think of a better way to pour out this one life I have than that.  Of course I have my little ones here to love and take care of and I do it realizing the honor I have been given by having these little ones (and my other two also) to care for.  It's not a chore, it's like being close to an angel.  I'm not trying to sound spiritual or sloppily sweet but that is really how I feel.

When we were in Ukraine, I was left in a room with the older girl that we sponsor.  I had tears running down my face as I was holding her and looking at the other children.  There were probably 20 or more severely handicapped children in there.   There has never been a time in my life where I  have  felt the presence  of God like I did in that room.  There are no words to tell you how affected I was by that experience.  It shook me, and quite honestly I thought God was going to bring us back there to work with the orphans.  And let me tell you, I embraced it, even with the horrible Ukraine food (sorry to my Ukraine friends, you probably wouldn't like our Southern food either.....) I was ready to stay!   It was more than an emotional experience, obviously I understand all the ramifications of being responsible for three special needs children. 

But if I could make my own path in life, that would be the path I'd chose.  After the accident, I realized we could not do that with Selah needing so much medical care and that's fine.  I rest in and am content in where God has me and my family. I trust Him to open the doors He wants us to go through.  But I can share about wonderful ministries I know about and we can raise money to help them carry on their mission! 

BTW, the diet was pretty much out the window today!  I did want to clarify that I did NOT eat any brownies LOL .  I am not tempted much by sweets, I'm a meat and potato girl:)   Ever now and then I want a piece of candy but it's rare for me.  Also I'm eating on a small salad plate so I can remind myself of portion control.  I'm only dieting because my doctor feels it will keep me from having any of the problems that so many have as they get older.  I'm quite happy with how I look 99% of the time.  I was SHOCKED when he said I needed to lose 50 pounds, I think that is too much but I want to be healthy for the LONG term as I have lots of little ones dependent on me. 

To make sure I get all my fruits and veggies for the day, I drank V-8 juice.  It's got no added sugars and in each 8 oz glass is 1/2 the day's veggie and 1/2 the day's fruit needed.    So that fills in to ensure I get the veggies/fruits I need because honestly I'm not a big veggie/fruit person.  Over the years, I've made myself learn to like certain things and I do like salads (make my own dressing)  but it is challenging to me to get all the fruit and veggie servings I need! 

Well hope you have a great weekend, please pray for Selah that we can handle her at home and not have to take her to the ER!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 2 DIET and Throw back Thursday!

Ok day 2 of the diet/life change.  I got my 2 mile walk in.  I did an extra lap around one corner of the cardiac hill.  When I've not been walking consistently, I get awful shin pains, I've learned to build UP my walking distance and make sure I get potassium, that seems to help.  I was tempted today to go longer but I thought I might have an issue.  I've also added some exercise to my day.  Leg lifts, stomach crunches and sit ups.  YES my stomach muscles are sore!  VERY Sore!  There were years in my teens and early 20's that I would not go to bed until I did 100 leg lifts, crunches, sit ups, and all kinds of other exercises.  I had a whole routine I went through, don't think I'll get back to that full routine!

So in the quest to be healthier, of course I've had to cook:)
Last night I cooked spaghetti with ground chicken.  When I cook things, I try and make the healthiest choices, whole grain  pasta with added vegetables in it.   Ground Chicken instead of beef and I always use the Perdue brand as it says no antibodics given to the chicken.   The pasta sauce had no additives.  Always check for added vegetable oils in things, most brands have that in them. 

Tonight we are having a chicken/rice casserole that my mother in law used to make.  She wasn't a big cook like my family was but it was one of her meals I really liked.  I found the recipe in a book a few years ago and we are sure it is the same one she used.  It's modified a bit to be more healthy but it is really good.  With it we are having mashed potatoes and "healthy" brownies that I made from a mix that had no chemicals or additives in it.  I add FLAX seed to the casseroles I make, it gives it a little health boost that is undetectable by my oldest child who is AWFUL to cook healthy for!

Finally I used my bread maker again and I have fresh bread cooking.  It makes the house smell so good.  I added Flax seeds to the bread also.

Yesterday I came across this article on FB
I checked our ice cream and it was in it!  I threw the ice cream out.... 
carrageenan.  I looked it up and it seems it's been banned in some countries, at least in foods marked organic and in baby foods.  There seems to be some debate about its inflammatory process which is where the concern lies.....   I decided to ban it in my house!

So when I go to the grocery store, I have a magnifying glass with me so I can read the ingredients of things.  It's quite embarrassing BUT it is the only way to know exactly what is in the products I buy. 
I'm not a nutso organic person but WHEN I know to do better, I feel obligated to do so. I really try to think of how my family cooked when I was a girl.  Everything was made from scratch, and they all stayed healthy even tho they didn't eat the lowest fat or the lowest calorie.  Nothing was processed.....  that was only 40 something years ago....   I want to cook healthy good tasting food like that for my family.  It takes more time but it is so much better.  And I find with good satisfying food, I naturally eat less and feel fuller. 

BTW, I use a BIG magnifying glass at home to read my books....yes I suffer ridicule BUT then I find people wanting to borrow it to be able to read little print!

Tomorrow I'm planning on working at Habiat for Humanity with Steve.  As of today he has 87.5 hours in towards our 100 hours.  By tomorrow we should have all the hours in.  We still need about 80 volunteer hours so Steve can start working there as an employee.  They've offered him a job, but per their rules, ALL the volunteer hours must be in.  Tomorrow he is going to train on the cash register.  The person who runs the register is the one who gives the volunteers assignments so he can't wait to tell me what to do!  He's been waiting 18 long years for this moment:) 

Thursdays are like our family's Friday as Jon is off on Friday and Saturday.  We look forward to Thursday nights and take a deep breath!

Here are some funny Throw Back Thursday Pictures from the summer of 1986, I was doing my internship in Brooklyn NY, working in an inner city ministry called Metro Ministries.


Ernest and me outside the church

Me and a friend at Times Square one night

Izzy and me in Central Park
Our whole group in Central Park
This was a picture from Epcot spring of 85 and some of my dearest friends!
One of my roomates and me our freshman year

Me and one of my best friends Meich my Junior year of college

Darryl and me at SEC

These pictures make me smile:)  LONG time ago, a few almost 30 years ago!  WOW!  UNREAL how fast time goes by! I love that most of those folks are still life long friends even if we don't see each other very much.  Just feeling nostalgic! I can assure you that that young girl in those pictures had absolutely NO idea she would be the mom of FIVE kids....that was the LAST thing on my mind LOL!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Selah had a good doctor's appointment.  Her hip is healing nicely, he took an xray and everything is perfect.  The doctor was very pleased with the results:)   She goes back in a month and then he'll left some of her physical therapy restrictions.  He anticipates this surgery has taken care of the problem with her hip.  I'm so thankful!  She did good traveling in the car, I was worried but she is a pro:)

So I have started a diet.
My doctor actually wants me to lose 50 pounds!  (I was shocked!)  He told me awhile ago but I've not been able to really devote time to doing this yet.  I'm not so overweight but he basically said if I lose 50 pounds, I should have no real heath issues that are brought on by weight or food ever.  He said I'd live to be 100 so let me get to working on it.

I've weighed around the same-within 10 pounds- for 25 years.  After Selah's accident I quickly lost about 30 pounds because I couldn't eat and when I did eat, I'd get horribly sick on my stomach.  I bought some clothes at a thrift shop in NY, and in spite of the circumstances, I was amazed that I lost that much weight so quickly.  But I gained it back once we came home. 

I'm pretty active, in fact much more active than I was in my late 20's and throughout my 30's.  I'm much more aware of what I eat now too.

When I was a teen and throughout my first couple of years of college I struggled with bulimia.  I didn't gorge and purge, I'd just eat a normal meal...and purge.  At the worst I became anorexia, no one recognized it for what it was, back then no one really knew about A & B.

The CRAZY thing was I came up with doing all that on my own!  At one point, I saw a tv show about anorexia and bulimia and realized I was not the only one who did that!  I KNOW why I did it, I did not want to become like my birth mother who was quite large.  I was paranoid about getting fat!

When I began to work with the homeless and the street people while in college, I got my mind off of ME and really began to overcome this behavior with Gods' help.

When I married Jon, he was quite the health freak.  He was big into exercise and eating right as his dad had just had open heart surgery and Jon did not want to have heart disease.  We ate a lot of "health foods" highly processed foods with low fat.  We always looked at the fat content of everything and whether a food had saturated fat and how much....

Then we began to learn healthier ways of eating.  Once we got the diagnosis on Sam (he's missing half of  a chromosome that protects him from liver cancer )  We started buying more organic and less processed foods.  We still buy fat free Organic Milk, and low or fat free sour creams, ricotta cheeses and cheese.  We eat more ground chicken than ground beef.  So we are careful to some degree about what we eat.  I'm really good at home, where I have control and can actually see what my meal is made from than I am when I'm out eating and I eat out way too much!

Some weeks I do so good....other weeks NOT so good.

For years I've been a WALKER.  At one point I was walking with a friend 3-5 miles a day on a cardiac track.  I walked before my friend started walking with me but then once we got the girls, it was really hard to go and then my friend was working....things changed.   I'd gotten so used to walking with a friend, it was hard to walk alone!!

Since we've been home, I've walked sporadically.  Last summer I did do classes almost daily at the YMCA but it's been hard for me to get back in the habit. 

I realize that exercise alone will not help me lose weight but I exercise because it keeps all my blood levels healthy.  For me to lose weight is to change my diet and eat LESS!  Even when I was walking all those miles every day but Sunday, I didn't' lose any weight.  My friend lost 80 pounds!  (and I hated her!)  But I do like to walk and I walk fast and hard.  I like to sweat and love how I feel after I'm done! But for me, I have to eat less.  I eat healthy 75% of the time but that 25% is what keeps me from losing weight. 

Since 2008 I have been a regular exerciser.  So for 6 years (with the exception of the 6 months after the accident) I've worked out.  Then last fall, I began to be so sporadic once school had started back.  I feel like exercise is so very important.  I could just quit eating and lose weight but I'm concerned about my heart and health more than that! 

Anyhow I have a goal, I'm going to see how this goes.  I'd like to hit 50 years old (next year) as a fit and healthy person.

Today I walked 2 miles on the cardiac track.  It is a work out~!  I'm keeping a food diary, so let's see what happens!

So my goal is to lose the 50 pounds by January 1 2015. 
****** if you wonder how my back/shoulder/neck is doing.....it's "better"  I sleep with a airplane neck pillow and it seems to help the pain in my neck.  It's still stiff but not so painful.  My shoulder/back hurts all the time but it is more manageable.  Exercise really does help the pain more than anything else!


Thanks for all the folks who joined my blog site and who did it by email!!!!  YEAH! 

To the friend who sent me the PINK Salve for Sarah.  We are continuing to try everything and the pink salve seems to work better than the two prescriptions she's been given.   I can not get rid of this diaper rash.  It's just on her hips and doesn't seem to bother her.  With the pink salve, it's not getting worse and seems a little better but it's still there.  Thank you again for sending it!!!