Friday, October 31, 2014

Really boring post except for some good pictures:)

some days I have problems coming up with a post and with a title....I thought this title says it all!  LOL

Well Steve and I went shopping for his birthday party that will be tomorrow night and came rushing home just in time for him and Shad to leave to go meet friends for a football game and trick or treating.  For the first time in my life as a mom I did not get a picture of my kids!  Shad couldn't find any of his costumes so he went as a hunter with his small bow He said he'd leave the arrows at home LOL~ we were so busy getting them out the door that I forgot to take a picture!

Yes we go "trick or treating".  Jon and I figured that we both did while growing up and neither of us are devil worshippers now......   Some years we have gone to "Fall Festivals" which is the same thing as celebrating Halloween-it just has a "Christian" name on it.  It's not a big deal to us either way. Last year we went to a costume party which was lots of fun. Jon and I even dressed up:)

These are from last year....

Red Riding Hood without her hood.  I liked this because it looks Ukrainian

Batman took out the little Indian who was getting upset

The Green Hornet and Wonder Woman!
Shad and some friends.  He was a Star Wars guy

Indian and Star Wars

Today has just been a busy day.  We interviewed and oriented a new nurse who will be working on the weekends.  She seems great and I think she will fit in well around here. 

We are having really cool weather for us.  Living in Florida means anything under 70 degrees is WINTER!  The gossip is that Sunday morning it will be in the 40's!  But not to worry, we will be back in the 80's by next week.   That's just how it is here.  But I did rush to buy Sarah some new leggings, I had gone through her clothes and she no longer wears the same size she did last winter, she is up to a size 6 so everything else got given away!  Sam also got a couple of pairs of long pants :)  We live in shorts most of the time around here.

The boys went by to feed the dogs but the dogs were not there.  We are hoping someone took them home with them.  They went ahead and put out feed just in case they were running in the woods.  They did manage to tell us that they think the slab is on the complete floor of the house!  Neither were 100% sure...MEN!  Never notice details!   Hopefully the slab is down - that would mean the walls can go UP! 

Hope you all have a great start to your weekend!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Girls

 Selah goes on a car ride to the new house to feed the dogs

the hand splints are on for a few hours at a time to keep her hand open.  

she sat so good, the seat reclines just a little but she did good holding her head up

DON'T worry we did NOT leave the strap like that on her, we were packing up the car and trying not to annoy her when this  picture was taken I don't need to get pointers on seat belt safety! I actually unstrapped her altogether as we were waiting as it seemed to bother her and didn't strap her in till everyone was ready to go! 

She is old and big enough to not ride in a car seat in Florida (by several years and several pounds)

doesn't she look good??
Later Sarah fell asleep in my arms.
it's been just about 3 years since we learned of her.....
it took her awhile before she'd fall asleep with me holding her, now I can't keep her off me LOL
but it never gets old!

we were laying in the bean bag
you can see how she snuggles in.....

Uh-ho she woke up!


So have you seen what the "wonderful" nurse I included in my last blog is doing?  She is so disrespectful I feel her nursing license should be revoked.  I clicked on a few different news organizations websites just to see what the comment sections was uniformly AGAINST her behavior.  I clicked on a conservative news source in the south and a liberal one in California and the comments ALL were running against her rebellious behavior.   I'm seeing on conservative news that she works for the CDC......and I was told that she has a lawyer connected with the Obama White House.....makes you wonder doesn't it???  What a mess we have in this country right one is in authority.....there is no common sense..... 

Even if this nurse does not carry Ebola, we need to have a plan in place that is across the board for anyone coming in from an affected area.  The risk is too high.  So what if we act very conservatively and no one gets Ebola.....  sure some will say we did "all that" for nothing but HEY if we can stop Ebola....let's do it!  We do a lot of things to PREVENT other things from happening.....

Personally I'm so tired of idiots.....

There are days when I want an anonymous blog where I can really say what I mean LOL!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pictures Galore!

Pictures Galore! 
Still trying to find a home for the dogs!  Here is the black Lab, she is so sweet. We went out to feed her tonight and she cared more about being loved on than the food!  We'd love to keep her but.....our old Lab could not handle it.

Here is her friend the pit bull.  Steve petted him tonight- that scared me.  The dog wagged his tail when he saw us.  He's never acted mean around us, just scared but one of the workers said the dog had growled at him but the worker might have scared the dog.  Still he is a pit.    I love all kinds of animals but realize I don't know how this dog has been raised/abused.  I'm not going to take a chance with it around my little kids.  But maybe someone would like to adopt him and show him love.
this picture was so cute of Steve and  Sarah last night

This is Sam with Sarah's personalized bear.  Sam has a green boy bear.  He likes Sarah's is Sarah's!  LOL

Our nurse gave Selah a shower and then tried curlers on her hair.  Selah did not like the one next to her eye. I had to keep moving it away from her eye or she'd give me a frown.
the hair style looked good, can't see most of it from this view


This is one of Steve's birthday presents, it is a large canvas picture of Times Square in NYC.  The funny thing about it is in the middle, you can see the McDonald's sign.  That is the McDonalds Jon and I ate at one day then later I got horribly sick....I was SURE I had food poisoning and even called and complained to the manager.  He told me that no one else had complained about food poisoning symptoms, well I guess not!  Turns out the suspected case of food poisoning is now 19 years old LOL!!!!! 

Well I had a picture of everyone but Shad....didn't have any new ones on my phone of him but he is doing great and is already half way through his sixth grade work  (remember he is only in fifth grade!) 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My two cents and more

You know I think the world has gone absolutely common sense anywhere.....

I've resisted writing about Ebola....Honestly I'm much more afraid of the "new virus" that is going around than I am of Ebola but it could become very serious as we live in a global community.

I was not in agreement to bring patients to the US for treatment.  That sounds harsh but when we adopted Shad, the swine flu was really BIG.  I was told if he or myself had a fever, we would not be allowed to return to the US on a plane.  I went KNOWING I was taking a chance....  So I've faced a similar type situation in my own life.  The flu was scary, almost everyone in China was wearing face masks in public, it was serious.   I made a commitment knowing what lay at stake.  Surely a doctor/nurse understands it even more.

Personally I have no problems with limiting travel to and from the affected countries.  Quarantines work....take it from a mom that separates kids as soon as one shows any signs of contagious illness.  Quarantines have been used successfully for years in various situations.

And if someone comes back from an affected country, I have no problem with that person being quarantined for 21 days.  I LOVE medical missions and organizations like "Doctors without Borders"  I applaud all that they do but just as they are working to save lives overseas in an exciting and romantic way.....they also need to work to protect lives here just in case of transmission.    We certainly know there can be transmissions, the last statistic I heard was that over 200 people working  as health care workers have died in Africa. 

I have no sympathy for whiners....and I feel like I hear it too much on tv.  This nurse who was quarantined  in NJ is the biggest whiner of them all.  Grant it I have no idea WHY she was put in a tent, all that sounded a bit nutty BUT come one, she just got back from Africa, surely she put up with some inconvenience there????  I've never traveled to a foreign country (except Canada LOL) where I didn't face some inconveniences.  Now I'm not saying put the folks in tents BUT what is wrong with them being quarantined for the nation's safety?   If a person choses to do something where there is danger of catching some disease, they must realize that the USA should err on the side of caution. 

It was widely reported she had a fever when she returned.  Then I heard her explanation of why she had a fever...she said it was because she got upset...  Oh my, I'd have a fever of 104 degrees some days if I were like that!!!!  LOL   Now someone said, she never had a fever....who knows....

Anyhow, lets use some common sense, let's do good for others, but at the same time be careful for our own country.  At least the army has gotten it right on their own......

And don't get me started on the "Ebola Czar"  LOL.....  And why do we need Czars in America?????

Just my two cents...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy 19th Birthday to Steve!  How in the world did 19 years go by so fast????  It seems like he should be about 10 or so....NOT 19!   I've enjoyed each and every day-month- year with him.  from the day he was born, till today, he has brought us so much happiness.  As a young mom, I'd have people tell me "oh just wait  till he is ......(terrible two, in school, a teenager....etc....) then it will be HARD!   But you know what,  I've enjoyed each and every passage of his life.  Of course he is NOT perfect but the thing I love about Steve is he is quick to let go of anger and ask for forgiveness if he needs to do so.  We've always had a close relationship and I'm thankful for that as he grows older and faces new things.  He's done well in college thus far, but does not think he wants to get a BA.  He really wants to apply at the prison now that he is 19 years old and can be considered for a job.   We are fine with whatever he does, although I do hope he goes at least one more semester so he has the first year done, if he ever wants to go back.  But it is up to him at this point, we just support him which ever way he goes.  Both have drawbacks and both have positives.

I cooked a big lunch for him when he got home from school and made brownies too!  We went out as a family yesterday since Jon is teaching a class in Riverview tonight.  Steve has his party scheduled for this weekend:)  So he is happy.

Today during church band practice, me and my friend put together the Christmas play for our church.  It is going to be simple and sweet.  All of my kids (except Steve LOL) will be in it.  Years ago SOMEWHERE I saw the sweetest play.  I can not remember where I saw it done but I've always wanted to do it.

It's very basic, the children will act out the Christmas story as Jon reads it.  We will stop at various points and as a congregation we will sing corresponding Christmas carols.  I will tell you that Selah will be an angel:) It is going to be lovely and yet simple.  (to me simple is LOVELY!)  Also our band will be playing some songs.  I'm really excited to do this.  I'm also very happy that we won't have to do much practicing!!! 

It's a beautiful day here in Florida- the kind of day that makes up for the long, very hot days of summer.  Hope you all have had a good start to your week!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Walk in the Woods!

Here is one of the dogs that has decided to live at our new house.  She is a sweet black Lab mix.  We'd bring her home with us but our old dog Brownie gets too upset with other dogs.  We may end up trying to bring her home if we can't find a home for her.  There is also a male liver & white pit bull that stays with her.  He is shy but one of the workers said the dog growled at him.  We have put out food for them.  Yesterday when we drove up, the dogs were INSIDE the fence, sleeping on the slab of the house LOL.  We just started laughing.  It would seem we've been adopted by them!
So if anyone wants a black lab OR the Pit, get in touch with me  you will have to have a background check by me if I don't know you!  LOL

We had a great walk out in the Upper Hillsborough River Basin yesterday afternoon before Steve went off with his friends.


Me and my mountain man!  Sometimes Jon takes some goofy pictures!

Nature lesson
3 turtles/gopher turtles and a few deer
didn't get a picture of the deer

I have my Ukraine/Poland shirt on from the soccer match in 2012.  We saw the stadiums where they would play in the summer of 2012.  the stadium in Donetsk was recently attacked and portions were destroyed

Here are the kids,  Sarah actually wore Jon's hat for awhile
I LOVE Pine trees!!!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend~!  It's absolutely beautiful weather here in Florida, the kind of weather that causes people to move to Florida LOL Then once we get them, we hit them with 100 degree temps with 100% humidity!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tampa Trib News Article

In the Tampa Trib there is a news article about Habitat for Humanity and our family!

(there were a few details not quite right with this story.  We were in Rochester for Sam's yearly eye exam and to see if Sarah was eligible for the corneal eye implant  I think it is so easy for people to mix up the kids' names since they all begin with S)

Today is a beautiful perfect Florida day, the windows are open and we are all getting ready to go to the woods for a walk.  Right now Jon has Sam and Sarah on the swings, Selah is outside with her nurse, Steve is doing the PowerPoint for Sunday and Shad is helping him.  I made a great Italian lunch so everyone is happy and full:)  We also plan on riding by the house, there was another group from RaceTrack gas station there yesterday working and we can't wait to see what has been done.  We didn't think we'd have another group till next week since the slab wasn't complete but things moved faster!!!  It is exciting!

Well this is short and sweet.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!