Monday, April 23, 2012

My blog is open....

so my blog is open you can see, I've not been blogging much! I think for me, this expirence has been so intense, I've done better making like short remarks on FB:) It's not that is has been bad, just alot ot take in.

We are allowed to see the girls daily and are so thankful for the expirence we have had at our institution. We have been given nothing but kindness & good care! We feel blessed.

Sarah is totally bonded with us. It is like she has been our child forever and a day! Her little face, so like Sam's started me on a journey I could NOT say no to! It is easy for us to read her moods and respond to them. She is unbeleiveably like Sam, I don't know how else to say it. He certainly prepared us for her. She is small, she is not awfully thin but she needs to gain some weight. There is something wrong with her as far as she starts gagging if she eats much. I feed her every day and see her do it & it is scary. I beleive she is being taken care of here but there is a lack of medical services in this town, it is such a poor region. She has started to pull herself up on the couch now:) We are so proud of her. She does get a little tired of being held after about an hour or so but for a child who is blind and in an orphange, she tolerates alot more than we thought she would. We know how Sam is and he has been ours since day one and he gets to stimulated if he is held for too long.

Selah is a BIG girl, no weight problems with her at all! She can walk, has just learned in the past year. Her caregiver from Life 2 Orphans has worked with her and she does walk but not far distances. She is very short but quite round:) She finds it more difficult to relate to us. She wants to so bad but she is having to learn. She has had a more difficult time in life as she was in several placements over her short life time. We love to see how she never wants us to leave which is reassuring. She is so cute and tries to talk to us. she really doens't have much language but she does vocalize.

We see them each morning and then we explore the town. We've gone to the Russian Orthdox Church & gotten blessed for giving a small offering ( got soaked) we gone to the markets, to the local cematary, to a Pentcostal church... we want to expirence this section of the world! I've taken hundreds of pictures so we'll never forget this trip for sure:)

I'm going to try and go back and fil in some stuff and do better writing on here...
We have to go to an interent cafe which makes it a bit harder to really go with my thoughts PLUS the spell check doesn't work on here that is terrible!!!

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