Saturday, October 13, 2012

Update on a cold and rainy night....

Jon was with Selah today and I was doing 5 loads of laundry....we wanted to ask the nurse to do a gag/cough test on her to see if she'd respond.  The nurse did it and she didn't cough or gag but she clearly didn't like it.  We were disappointed that she didn't respond to it by coughing or gagging.  But she did respond to Jon today in the same way as she had been doing. She again seemed to banter back and to with him.  Today she seemed like she wanted to get out of our car seat and back in bed.  We use her car seat instead of the "therapy chair" it is much more comfortable and has a better head rest.  But she got tired of it and Jon could tell once she was back in bed she was happier. 

We went out to eat with some great friends tonight then we went over to the hospital.  Selah did two new things for me.  When we got there it looked like her mouth was dry so I wiped it out with some lemon flavored swabs, she LICKED the swab with her tongue, several times!!!!!!!!!   We were laughing at her:)  She really responded to it!!!!!!  Then as we were leaving for the night she STRETCHED!!!!!!  Now that might not seem much to someone else but it was a different , more relaxed movement than what posturing is!  Also her arms/hands were relaxed and not clenched, as well as her ankles/feet.  Her knees were really stiff but overall she felt better than usual.  This new movement was so different than looked just like when a newborn stretches....

So I'm sharing each new thing with you all but I'm being honest.  I wish she had the cough/gag response.  I think the doctors would be happier with everything if she did that since it is a basic response that she should have.  Please pray that she will get her cough/gag response back.  That would be a great thing!!!!!!  Thank you all for your prayers!!!!! 


  1. Yvonne,
    we are still praying for you sweet Selah. Sharing this with friends and family... they are praying too. We will specifically pray for her to cough or gag!
    Happy anniversary!!!
    Here's to many more!

  2. Each improvement is amazing and such and encouragement!!! Praying you can add the cough/gag response to the list as well!!

  3. We are still praying for you in Texas. :) Have a wonderful Lord's day.

  4. Yvonne, I will be praying specifically for the cough/gag response.

    Thankful to hear of each new response, no matter how small.

  5. Children are very resilient, and doctors cannot know everything - each child is unique, and they cannot look into the future, they can only guess from the past. It is no longer possible to make an accurate prognosis - medical knowledge changes every day. You must never give up hope. Selah might surprise everyone in the end. I do hope so, and I do believe it,too.

    I wish you all the best, countless wonderful milestones for sweet Selah, and countless beautiful surprises for her mom and dad! :)

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  7. Will pray SPECIFICALLY for her to get her gag/cough response back.

  8. I love to hear every little improvement!! And I will also be praying she gets her cough/gag reflex back!

    I had to laugh a bit at her licking the wipe--my daughter used to do the same thing when she was young and I'd wipe her face with a wet wipe! I am happy that you both are getting to see her improve and do things she wasn't able to just last week (or even yesterday!) God is wonderful and I know He is working on her!!