Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 37 fish Oil Study...on the way to Florida

This was a very emotional day for us, a day of good-byes to some wonderful people who have walked with us through our darkest days.....

We started the morning saying goodbye to Selah's therapist, Megan.  She was such an encouragement to us and helped us to understand Selah better.

Then we said good bye to some of our RMH families, some more staff, our doctor, social workers and a minister friend and his family....

We waited for the transport team to get there and once they were there, things moved fast!  I literally had to fight a panic attack when they first walked in.  It was hard for me to entrust her to some one's care to go all the way to Florida on a small plane!  The team put us at ease immediately and we could tell they really cared about their patients.  We walked down with her and that was so emotional for me, I just sobbed the whole way.  We happened to go down in the same elevator she was taken up to the PICU on , almost 18 weeks ago.  Then we went out the ambulance bay where I had stood waiting to go in to the ER on the awful day (actually where I tried to climb over a cop to get into the ER, if we are to be factual!!  LOL)  It was snowing...and I couldn't help but contrast the days....   We went back up and so many folks were coming up to us to wish us well, it was hard to control my emotions!


Then we went over to the RMH and did a news conference with all the news stations of the Rochester area.  It still surprises me how much interest and concern the Rochester community has shown to Selah and to us! 
We had so much stuff that the RMH offered to ship some for us but our van is packed to the gills:)  We only made it to Lewisburg Penn tonight as we are just exhausted and a bit overwhelmed.  We hope to do really good tomorrow and maybe even make it to Jax....well we can hope can't we LOL! 
The transport team was awesome and kept us up to date as to where they were.  Selah had absolutely no issues on the trip and even slept some:)  She touched down about 6:30 pm and is now resting comfortably at the rehab with her Aunt Valerie by her side!  Thank God for Valerie being able to take off work and come up and stay with her until we can get there.  It gives us a great peace of mind knowing she has someone who loves her with her! 
Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray for us that we have safe travels the rest of the 880 miles (according to my son) until we get to Jax.  Tomorrow will be a big day for Selah as she will be evaluated by various therapist, please pray that they will understand who Selah was and is and that God will give them a special love for this little girl and that they will want to fight with us to bring her all the way back!  My sister in law is impressed with the rehab and feels good about it so far and that has helped me too.  They seem to be understanding about Selah and all her complex issues she had even before the accident.  Pray that that will continue. 
And I just have to say thank you one more time to Strong's hospital and staff, we will be forever grateful for the wonderful care that our daughter was given.  What a great hospital and it is great because it is staffed with great people!!!
Thank you to the Ronald McDonald House, that truly was our "home away from home"  We grew to love the staff, Carol, the director, Lori, Patty, Kathy, Cher, Bonnie, Gail, Jack Amy, Deb, and all the volunteers....we had so many kindnesses shown to us.....  There are just not words to say how much they all mean to us!  If you live in the Rochester area, get involved with the RMH, it is a wonderful help to so many families!  They truly live their mission statement!  Volunteer, donate, promote, what ever you can do to help them!  They work with so many families and give them HOPE! 
Thank you ROCHESTER NY  for all the love and concern you all showed to our family.  Rochester is an amazing community!!
And always we will never forget the ones who helped rescue  our children.....
We are so grateful....


  1. So glad that Selah handeled the trip so well, and is safe and comfy with family! Praying mightily for a quick and safe journey to Fla. for the rest of you. G'nite and God bless!

  2. Prayers for a safe journey. Jax is only 1 hour maybe a little more form me.

  3. So thankful she arrived safely. I'm glad you were able to leave ok too. Praying you home safely!

  4. Thank you for taking the time on your trip to make an update. I'm reading this on 12/12 at 1:40 and am guessing you have arrived home by now. Still praying!