Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 43 Fish Oil Study

Selah had a little better day today.  She still is not herself.  I think the staff here is finally believing us when we tell them of the things she did in NY.  I've encouraged them several times to contact our therapists and get more info from them and they did talk to our wonderful speech pathologist Meredith who was able to reassure them that we weren't nuts or exaggerating what Selah was doing.  We discussed with staff why Selah may have regressed and obviously being sick again is probably the reason but we're almost wondering if she is aware that these are strangers and she is purposefully not cooperating. 

She did do some new things today..
she responded to pain just with one arm moving away (good sign)
when they stimulated a fall she responded on both sides not just the right side
she seemed to look at herself in the mirror
she finally got on a swing and relaxed while her OT held her.
she closed her eyes to a stimulated threat to her eyes. ( only 1 out of 4 times but that is better than what she was doing)
So these things are better than she has ever done here but still is far from what she was doing in NY.  Please pray for her that she will be able to respond better.  Her new med will be going up tomorrow and the doctor will be taking away some of the high blood pressure med that she has been taking on Thursday.  We're excited about that because it can make her a bit out of things.  It was necessary when she was storming but now hopefully she can manage with the dose going down.   
We want to thank Deerwood Publix!  They donated our supper tonight!  2 Mojo chickens with baked beans and potato salad, bread and apples!!  Woohoo!!! I LOVE Publix...."where shopping is a pleasure"! (And thanks to our friends at Mandarin UM who asked them about donating some meals! so the next 2 Monday nights are covered)  How nice not to have to think about supper....and NO pasta (LOL- my RMH friends will understand!)
And BIG news....Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise...(old southern saying...)  Jon will be preaching at Grace Church and at the prison this weekend!  We plan on going home Saturday evening and coming back here on Sunday after church!  Please feel free to join us at 11 am at 7060 Berry Rd, Zephyrhills Fl 33540  I'm dreading going home and seeing all of Selah's things, I know that is going to break my heart!
This picture is from today.  She loves her daddy, you should see the picture I took with her, she turned her eyes and head as far as she could away from me!  I had been working on moving her knees and she was ticked off but she loves daddy!!! I had a gift card from Target and went and bought her some new clothes, she has gained so much weight!  I actually bought her size 6!  Just think 7 months ago, she was wearing a size 2 or 3:)  Sarah has gained 13 pounds and is wearing a size 5:)  She was so tiny, a size 2 had to be pinned up on her! 


  1. I love that pic :) So precious. I think its wonderful that if she is favoring a parent it is her Daddy---how his heart must love that encouragement. As hard as that can be on a momma, something tells me it is something he really needs now, so soon after the accident. Love to your family.

  2. Hi, Yvonne,
    I see alertness in those eyes! I can only imagine how it feels when she turns away from mom self wants to burst into tears for you, while my nurse self jumps up & down & shouts "Hooray." More signs of cognition!
    :-) I'm not surprised that she is less responsive. Think of how very much has changed since she left the security of her familiar bed in Rochester! The staff needs to understand that, at her developmental stage and her very limited ability to communicate, this is a terrifying experience. Very young children have the idea that if they hide, they are invisible, and therefore, safe.This is instinctive, and will happen unless the children are taught otherwise.(For example, in a house fire, a small child will hide in the closet or under a bed...why fire safety now starts in preschool, with slogans like, "Don't hide, go Outside.") I think her limited movements are equivalent to hiding. She is really brave to show as much as she has. I think it's great that she is comfortable enough to "act out" with you, by turning away. I definitely perceive this as a sign of security, that she is safe enough in your love to be a little brave. (I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here...trying to give you some explanations to use with staff, when they under-evaluate Selah!)
    I really enjoyed speaking with you tonight, and look forward to more chats. Love and many prayers for all of you. {{{{{Yvonne}}}}

  3. We love Publix too :) I am so grateful you have so many taking care of you!!

    It makes me so happy to hear about Selah's improvements...I know I am watching (well reading about) a miracle every day! Praise God!!

    (((Hugs)))) for your trip, safe travels!!