Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 51 Fish Oil Study~Merry Christmas

The whole family
Another day without a storm thank God!!!  She seemed more alert.  We took the kids to see her and took a few things to her.  Most of her Christmas presents are at home waiting for her.  She did the funniest thing.... she had been looking towards her door, all the time.  It's not good for her to get in a fixed position so we were worried.  I put her DVD player on the other side of her bed and moved her head over.  She kept moving it back.  I went out in the hall, to check on the kids and Jon went into the bathroom, I walked back in and she had turned her head and eyes right to the DVD player and was watching it!!!  LOL  She has a stubborn streak in her.  The doctors here would say she doesn't have the cognitive ability to resist like that but obviously she does!!!  She was not going to watch it just because we wanted her to do it!  We haven't seen that streak for a while and it was good to see Selah in there!  Things like that, give me the most hope!  Her arms were very relaxed.  Her legs/ankles not at all.  I got a little range of motion in her knees but it was hard.  I've really hurt my left shoulder, as well as the right side of my neck.  I hardly could work her legs.   I've never had a pain like the shoulder/back pain.  I'm hoping I haven't really done something to it. 

Christmas morning

Shad made out like a bandit:)

Sarah and the bilibo...she loves it and was rocking in it as soon as it was open.  It is a European toy

it can also be a "turtle shell" when she goes into "turtle mode"   She does that when she needs to regroup for a minute or two:)  Our therapist are going to love the new toys to work with the kids on.
We all had a great time opening our presents this morning, thanks Bell Shore Baptist & our friend from Jax:) 

Our good friend Jim & Pat Rhodes came up and spent some time with us and we all went over to our new friends Bill & Syndey Behrnes' house

Their dog really wanted to take care of Sarah but Sarah scared her a bit

Bill & Sarah

the whole gang! 
We ate, watched some concerts in their media room...that was amazing:)  I love Simon & Garfunkel, it was reminiscent to watch their 1981 Concert In the Park.  It made the 80's seem so easy and less troubled, much more innocent.   I'd seen that concert before but it had been years, so tonight I'm singing "the Sound of Silence"  and "Wake up little Suzie"  I want a media room:)  Fun times!  Just so you know, Sarah started out in a Christmas dress, by the end of the night she looked like a girl from a Simon & Garfunkel concert with her "orange 70's outfit" that had ended up in the diaper bag:)
So today was a good day, not the Christmas I had imagined but also not the Christmas I had dreaded either....
This year with all the tragedies I know of personally, as well as the national ones, makes me grateful that all five of my children are alive.  We easily could have easily lost Sam & Selah that hot August day.  When I walk with Sam or rub his back (which he loves) I just breath out a prayer of thanksgiving that he is alive and well.  Things could be so much worse than they are!  When I lean over and kiss Selah's head, I am so thankful that she is alive and recovering!!!  I didn't take my kids for granted before the accident.  I guess having such a hard time having children, made me thankful for them and for our adoptive ones. I knew how hard that was too.  So I probably have always had a different perspective on my kids but now it's a hundred fold!  I am so thankful that I have them all!!!
I hope everyone had a blessed day and a Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas to you all! So glad to hear Selah is not storming anymore - and that her stubborn streak is coming through. LOL

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope that you feel better soon.
    Hooray! Selah has control issues...terrific!!! Not even pretending to be surprised. She is feeling safer now, and can afford to be more responsive. Good for her!
    I like Sarah's "turtle mode"...she has enough cognitive function to respond to external factors by choosing to withdraw, and deciding when she is done. This sounds good to me. Are you feeling that the fish oil is helping her?
    Love and prayers for all. :-) {{{{{Yvonne}}}}}

  3. Merry Christmas to you all :)

    SO thankful Selah is no longer storming! Praise God!!

    OH my son and Shad will definitely hit it off.....he is also a Nerf and Star Wars fan (and we're hoping to go see The Hobbit this weekend). I look forward to the day we can get them together to play :) He keeps asking when he's going to get to play with Shad :) (He got LEGOS for Xmas....more legos.....*sigh* LOL)

    My dog would probably love your kids--she is the most gentle stable dog around kids of all ages and is just happy to lie there while they pat her belly or head. I wanted to have her trained as a therapy dog but was unable to due to my health. Seems she is just that good-natured on her own :)

    I am so thankful you have all your children with you on this Earth and I hope that we will be able to meet with you in 2013! Love from our family to yours!