Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 53 Fish Oil Study

We had a meeting with the administrator's office and settled some questions about the fish oil protocol, after her fish oil bottle was found in her room this morning instead of in the fridge!  We were pleased with the administrator's efforts to ensure this does not happen again.  I was really upset this happened but I do think things will be taken care of from now on.  We also discussed some other things that had bothered us and we feel it's been dealt with now. 

Selah worked good with her therapists today, we saw her yawn and I'm not sure she has yawned since the accident.  We love every little thing she does:)   She is starting to smell like fish oil again!  We love it!

We also met with our aftercare worker.  They are really working hard to get us 24 hour nursing care.  Everything is coming into place, we just have to get our house in order and that is going to be a BIG job!  We are planning on going home tomorrow and working all weekend to get it as ready as possible.  I'm starting to look forward to taking her home.  I was terribly afraid to take her home but with nursing, therapy and everything we need, I think we can do it successfully!! 

We know we will probably have to move but first we are going home and figuring everything out first.  We have got to figure out how everything is going to work but I'm sure it is going to work out. don't forget to give to this child's adoption if you can!!!!  Please pray that his adoption will go through before the ban on adoptions start!!  You can also give here  which is the easiest to me!


  1. Money wise I am unable to help but I shared his story on Facebook as well as am praying about the adoption for him.

  2. Glad that the fish oil mystery has been resolved, and that your little mermaid had a good day! Love and prayers from NJ. <3 <3

  3. There is courage in your voice now. Do you realize that? I am thanking God for that. As always you are in my prayers.
    p.s. I still want to see a bow in sweet Selah's hair. You might have a shot at her leaving it alone!

  4. So wonderful to hear you all may be going home soon. I have followed your story since the accident and am amazed at your faith and your strength. Just know that I keep you all in my prayers. I really appreciated your post about religion yesterday....It played to my heart.


    This is a link to the information about applying for fee therapy services with the FL Elks. If the link does not work, you could also search "Florida Elks Therapy Services" and you will be directed to the information. There appears to be a number to call and request an application.

  6. I've been reading for awhile, but haven't commented before. I'm glad things seem to be back on an upward trend. I hope there is no more regression.

    Do you think that maybe they didn't give her the fish oil at all when she got to the rehab center? It just seems odd to me that she was doing so well (smelling like the ocean) and then quickly declined, only to seem to get right back on track the day that they started the new fish oil bottle (and started smelling like fish again). I really hope that isn't the case, but I just can't shake that thought.

    I wish your family well, and I hope the move home goes as smoothly as it can.