Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 54 Fish Oil Study

Selah is doing good.  We all went and spent some time with her this morning before we left for home.  Thankfully a friend I grew up with Jina, is being able to stay with her some while we are gone and we know who her nurses will be.  She reported to me that when Selah got her bath tonight she stretched out and startled the nurses.  She hasn't stretched since we were in NY, she's been so tight so that was good news!!

Our house looks like a bomb has gone off in it. The pictures above are of Sam "doing his toy inventory".  He always goes and pulls out all his toys when we have been gone from home and come home   It is funny!   We are boxing up the boys room and in the process of having boxes of stuff to give/throw away!  Steve and I went to Lowes and I bought a big outside swing for us to sit on with Selah!  Our friend Jim is putting it together for us tomorrow.  It has a canopy and I am looking forward to her being outside in our wonderful Florida weather soon!  My sister in law Valerie is going to paint Selah's room.  I got the prettiest light purple/lavender color for  it:)   We opened her Christmas presents today and she got a pretty pink beanbag chair that is going to look great in her room and give her a new place to sit and be comfortable.   We are the kind of family that sits on the floor alot and this way she will be able to join in. 

We picked up our favorite Chinese food tonight so it really feels like home:)   It's a nice rainy night out in the country....we have so much work to do....  Not just box up their room but we are going through everywhere and rearranging/cleaning....UGH!  I hate doing it but so glad when the job is done and everything is ready for us to come home and most importantly for Selah to come home!!!!  The boys will have all their stuff in Jon's office so the first thing I did today was to clean it out.  Since we've been gone it collected alot of things!!  It's at least nice and clean except for the desk now.  That will be their "man cave" from now on!  I bought a bookcase and a game holder.  We have an idea how we are going to arrange it tomorrow. The closet in their room is so deep and held everything so nicely, I had no idea how much stuff they had till we took everything out!!!   Let's hope we can get it all in!  We were going to use the end of the Fellowship Hall but Steve rather do this so we'll see if we can get it all in!

Wish us good luck and lots of helpful folks to help this all get done tomorrow so we can leave after church on Sunday to go back to Selah!!!!!


  1. So glad to read that Selah continues to improve. I liked that she stretched out & startled everyone even in the absence of you and your husband...demonstrates that she is now able to adapt to changes, a HUGE improvement in terms of cognition, and a lightening of some of that need for control. Hooray!
    Whew!! Just reading your weekend plans makes me tired!!! I'm happy that you will have help with all of this.
    Lots of love and many prayers to all of you.

  2. I know Sam's room must drive you nuts as a mom (my son's room looks like Legoland exploded in there) but I couldn't help but go "AWWWWW" looking at the photo :)

    Praying for all to work out and a smooth transition!

    May you all be richly blessed in the coming year....we are praying always!