Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 55 Fish Oil study

We are home exhausted....everything is moved out of Steve & Shad's room and into Jon's office at the church.  They are calling it their "man cave"  It actually looks good.  That will be their hangout place but they will sleep at home.

My sister in law, Valerie is still in Selah's room painting it.  it is looking good!  Jim & Pat, our friends, came  and put together the swing, and a book case and did all kinds of things for us also.  We still have a ways to go.  It has been an overwhelming task.  What makes it so hard is having been gone so long and trying to move back in and do all this at the same time.  Plus the whole emotional issue.  As I went through all our stuff,  I found it hard to sort things that are Selah's, that she may never use again....  even clothes that were hers that she has outgrown are hard for me to part with and I'm not one to save things much.  I can't even give away her bandannas that she wore like a necklace because she would bit her shirt without them. 

I find myself starting a job, then going to another job and getting nothing finished.  That is not like me either, I'm very goal oriented and have to finish jobs.  This has been a rough day to me. 

On top of it, we had to call the Electrical people who just worked on our house a few months ago and did major work!  None of the outlets in the kids rooms were working.  Thankfully they came right out and found the issue (which I never did understand) and fixed it. 

Jon did take Sam & Sarah out on the swing set today as he did his study for his sermon.  They were so happy to be out in their swings:)  The day started off with a soft rain and ended up being just beautiful before it got a little chilly tonight. 

At this point, I can not see us being ready to leave tomorrow and I'm so frazzled and tired and achy that I just want to go to sleep!   But hopefully we will be able to!

Thankfully a good friend that I grew up with and her husband Jina and Dusty, are checking on Selah.  Jina put lotion all over her and  Selah stuck her tongue out as far as she could:)  They sent me a picture. She is doing good, no storms for a week now. 

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  1. Yvonne, how are you neck and shoulder where you had so much pain?? I hope that you are feeling better, get a good night's sleep, and will be ready for tomorrow.
    Thinking of you, and sending lots of prayers and love for all.