Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 57 fish oil~good news~ News clip

Our family's story was one featured on the Rochester NY news as stories of the year.  I believe the story is not so much about the accident, although that was life altering for our family but I believe the true story here is God's faithfulness.   If you want to view it, you have to click down to our story it is #6 on the right side on the bottom.  It's very sweet and done very compassionate. 

Today Selah held her head up for about 15 seconds.  That is the best she has done since she has been here.  We are thrilled.  We are also thrilled that when I did her wash today, her clothes reeked of fish oil!  She still doesn't smell as strongly as she did to me but she is getting there.  It looks like we won't leave on Wednesday, with the holidays, it has been difficult to get the insurances to do everything they are supposed to do to get things started and which insurance will pay what....I'm not surprised and it's ok.  Remember we tried to leave NY for months:)  I'm glad we didn't but we certainly aren't surprised it may take a few more days to get this all set up.   Thankfully our house and yard will be done and all her supplies will be delivered and set up before she gets home.

I've also noticed that when she gets annoyed, she is starting to lift her head and shoulders up off the bed again.  She did that before while she was in the hospital in NY and sometimes she did it to welcome us into the room.  We look forward to Selah getting more back to her normal!

I had some money left over on a Target card (thanks friend!) and I bought Selah two "coming home" outfits!  I'm looking forward to putting one of them on her ( and having a spare!)  when she leaves! 

We had supper provided for by Deerwood Publix tonight... Publix subs and sweet tea....WOOHOO!  Nothing better:)  thanks Publix!

Happy New Year to all.  We are staying safe and sound inside watching National Geo....a story on the Mayans LOL taped before Dec 21 LOL!   At least it is interesting!  Stay safe tonight everyone!!!!


  1. Hooray for smelling like fish oil!!!! Of course you may be getting used to the smell but if you are noticing it now--when you didn't before--that is SO wonderful :)

    I keep telling my neuroscience-loving daughter that I am sure she will encounter fish oil in her studies in the future!

    I think when we are done with the supplements we have, I will be looking at the fish oil from Dr. Sears.

    Love to you all!

  2. So glad to hear this overall encouraging report, and I know I have said it before, but I will say it again--YAY for fish oil! We have Katya (craniostenosis, non-verbal and developmentally delayed) on it with the approval of her nuerosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. (Ever read "Gifted Hands" or watch the movie by the same title? That's her Dr.)