Tuesday, January 29, 2013

168 days later....

168 days ago our life changed forever.... 

168 days ago a doctor told me that Selah would not live through the day but she did and now 168 days later she is home. 

We left the hospital a bit after 1 pm.  Jon rode with her in the ambulance and I drove the kids.  He got home first and met with various people who were here with various things....we finally got here and I just sat down in our big soft rocker and held her for awhile.  It is good to have her home.

Everything is beyond disorganized which as you knows drives me crazy and we have an inexperienced nurse tonight which is not helping matters.  Selah is so tired that her oxygen levels are down so I turned on her oxygen.  Dealing with all this is a "baptism by fire" & I doubt I"ll sleep tonight unless she keeps her levels up. 

But I am glad to be home!  She seemed to understand things some and was certainly looking around in a way I've never seen her do before.   She totally missed her 4pm meds but is as calm as she can be and relaxed.  

Selah with one of our fav nurses
daddy leaving with her in the amblulance
She's all loaded up
they are off!
I realized as the bed was delivered that I don't have her any sheets!  Thank goodness I'd kept the twin size from the boys' room!  I have to go and buy her some PURPLE sheets tomorrow:) I'm a person that likes things to match:)
Tonight even tho I"m a bit terrified, I am glad to have all my children under the same roof again and I"m so thankful that Selah is here with us.  I thank God that she lived and surprised everyone.  Now we are just praying that she again surprises everyone and that my two wonderful dreams come true.  It almost seem like they could now that she is home!!!!
Thank you as always for your thoughts and prayers!!!


  1. Praying both you and Selah can get some healing and refreshing sleep tonight. Everything looks possible in the morning when you are rested.

  2. Thank God you are all home! Now the REAL healing can begin!

  3. To God be the Glory!!! So VERY excited and happy for you all! Amazing!

  4. Welcome home...what a journey that still continues. Prayers for your family!

  5. AMEN!!!!! I'm so very happy that all of you are home. I will pray for Selah any moment that I am awake during the night. (1 a.m. now, and I'm praying as I type!!
    God bless all of you. <3 <3

  6. Praise the Lord!!! I pray He sends you help to get re-organized; I know how I feel better when things are in their place.

  7. I've been reading your blog almost daily since a couple days after the accident. What a miracle story. Praise God and Welcome Home!!!!

  8. Yes!!!! This was the news I was waiting for yesterday! I was thinking about you all day praying and hoping...and praying that things would go smoothly for you. And here's to purple sheets!!! And more praying...

  9. Welcome home! Praise God for your homecoming!

  10. I am so glad Selah is home!! I don't want to sound snarky or anything, I am saying this out of love and safety for your children, please make sure that they chest clip on Selah's carseat is up between her armpits. Your breastbone is the strongest bone and helps diffuse any force in the event of a crash. Also, the chest clip up by her armpits ensures that the straps stay properly placed on her shoulders. Car seat safety is a huge passion of mine. http://www.safercar.gov/parents/SecuringChild.htm