Friday, January 11, 2013

Another chance to give!

I just gave to this little guy's family and it was a pain to redo all the paypal stuff but I'm so glad I did! they need $12,000 to finish thier adoption of this little guy from Russia. they've past court and are thankful that their adoption will proceed! Can I encourage you all give?  My blog has about 4000 hits a day...if all my readers would take the time to go and give just $3, their need would be met!!! 
I chose to give because of all the love that has been shown to our family, I wanted to pass it on!!!   Giving to this family would be a "good thing" to get this little guy home and to the medical help he will need soon to save his life! 
I posted his info back awhile ago and then it was unclear if the family would be allowed to finish their adoption, but thank God they will be!!!

Just click on their link and look on the right side of their blog and you can see the "chip in" section where you can give!!!
God bless you!!!


  1. I made a donation in Selah's honor xoxo

    In addition I've added Reece's Rainbow as one of the organizations I will support thru my crafting business. I may never be able to adopt but you moved my heart so much to help the orphans in the world find homes!

    I am SO happy they are going to be able to get their sweet little boy!!! *happy tears*

  2. Oh, anything to get one of those precious few out that can get out!! I just donated a tiny bit but like you said, hopefully everyone gives a tiny bit to get them there!! Thanks for posting...

  3. So glad he will be saved from the ban! Count me in:)

  4. Glad to help him get home. So glad they are allowed to adopt him.

  5. Thank you so much for posting about our son, Ivan. I have been so wrapped up in our daily lives and the adoption craziness. I am sorry I have not visited your site earlier. You and your family are beautiful. I am amazed by the strength I see in your and other families. I pray that God equips us as well. He is certainly in control. We are still in limbo at the moment with the ban. We hear one positive thing and then our hopes are dashed again. We continue to pray for his home coming. Some days (like today) are harder than others. We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will state the ban is unlawful and repeal it. What wonderful news that would be to wake up to. I am preparing myself that an immediate answer may not come in the morning, so I covet prayers for strength and peace during the wait. In the lull, the struggle of whether God chose the right mama creeps in at times, but I know that God is growing us all through the process and we will be ready to embrace this child and any needs that arise. Thank you again for your love and support. The Wade Family