Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 62 Fish Oil study~ much better day!

Thank God, Selah had a much better day today!  We went in this morning with all the kids and she was turning towards them. She was much more aware and much more relaxed!!!!  Her tone was good and she was looser.

We left for home and called several times.  The only issue she had was around 8 pm, her heart rate went up to 140 and the nurse decided to give her Valium.  It was a new nurse, we probably wouldn't have asked for it and just watched her.  I think she was being changed and just got upset.  All in all a much better day. 

Obviously we feel this is all related to her fish oil.  The last bottle was not consistently kept in the freezer.  That is the 'best practice".  This one will be.  Perhaps the other one got contaminated...who knows but we saw a difference last night as soon as she got the dose! 

Hopefully we will find out Monday her blood test results!  Then we will know if this regression is linked to a problem with the fish oil. 

We came home to the cleanest house ever!  My sister in law had done our carpets and everything else!!!!!!!  Thank you Val!!!!!   I don't think this house has been that clean since we moved in LOLOL!  What a weight off me:)  My friends had cleaned up for us, but in all the working and pulling things out....we had really messed it up!  She even cleaned the windows:)  What a great sis in law!!!!!

So please pray for our little girl as you go to worship tomorrow and if possible ask your church to pray for her.  Pray that she will be touched by God and healed.  We still  pray for God to deliver her....   I keep holding on to the dream I had right after the accident....  It was so real.  I dreamed that she and I were in our house and suddenly she was "back" mentally  The only thing that was wrong was she couldn't walk....  That would make sense now to me.  Her legs/ankles are so affected that she will have to have surgery.  They are pulled into a ballerina pose, very uncomfortable.  At the time of the dream, the whole feet/leg thing didn't make sense to me.  Her legs were just getting tone and we did not understand the ramifications of it.  But now I understand.  I pray that dream comes true, we can work on the feet/ankles!!   Pray that our nursing situation will work out quickly so we can go home!  Her room is ready and waiting for her! 

Thankyou for your prayers!  They have given us renewed strength!


  1. So great to hear!! Continuing to pray for your princess!!

  2. I said my prayers for Selah tonight at church & I will continue sayng them every moring as well!

  3. What great news, Yvonne! Thank you Lord! Hopefully if they can keep the FO properly until you get home, she will continue to have good days. Thanks for sharing about your dream too. :-) Praying it does come true!

  4. thankful to hear today was better!

    still praying.

  5. Praying for you. So glad you figured out the fish oil issue.Continued prayers for healing and provision for your family.

  6. I'm so very glad that today was a better day for Selah and for all of you!! Lots of love and prayers from your friend in NJ.

  7. I'm so happy to hear that sweet Selah had a better day! May it be followed by many more!