Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 63 fish Oil Study

Another good day for Selah.  No storming at all, she's been relaxed and alert according to the nurse.  Her tone has been better also.  We'd hope to get back in time to go see her but we drove up in a rainstorm and we have to get all of Sam's meds done tonight. 

We were able to be at our church this morning.  Jon also did a service at the prison.  Our house is completely ready for Selah now.  Everything is in place except for the bed and other stuff that will come when she does.  What a load of my shoulders to have everything done.  It was a big job!  Thank goodness for Val getting the house so clean!  It made it easy to put everything up!

Tomorrow we hope to get the results of her blood test for inflammation.  That should answer many questions for us.  If it is higher than 1.1, we will know that the fish oil has not been handled correctly at some point.  We feel that it is being handled correctly now.  Of course we are using a new bottle now also.  When Selah was tested prior to start the fish oil, her inflammation level was 15.0  In two weeks time it went to 1.1.  Now we will see where it is. 

A friend gave me a good idea....if you live in our area and are a nurse or know some home health nurses and you'd like to work for us.  can you contact me at  ?  I can put you in touch with the agency we are working with.  They are finding it difficult to find 24/7 nursing for us due to where we live.  I don't know how everything is arranged but the agency can work out all the details.   We'd like it all set up before we leave!  And we want to leave soon!!!  So rack your brains my Florida friends we need help. 

Thank you for all the messages I've gotten about churches praying for Selah and us this weekend.  Thank you all so much!  I can't explain how prayer helps but I believe it does!  I feel strengthen and ready for this coming week!  Last week was very hard.....


  1. Thankful to hear she had a second good day! Praying for you, Yvonne, and Selah and your family.

  2. My mother used to do home health nursing and I know she would have driven the distance to your place. My parents live in Wesley Chapel. I'll try to get in touch with my mother soon to see if she knows any other home health nurses in the area.

  3. shared on my facebook page. i have some friends in nursing they may know someone . not promising but i shared just in case.