Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 67 Fish Oil Study

Selah has had a good day today.  She was alert in therapy, no storming now for a week.  She is resting good tonight.

So long day dealing with insurances.....We were denied coverage by Blue Cross for her to stay here past Friday morning.  Yesterday we appealed but today we found we were denied the appeal.  At the same time we have been appealing to Medicaid, her secondary insurance for nursing care ( BC does not do full time nursing)   Today we found out that Medicaid will cover her stay her until the nursing issue is resolved.  I filled out an in depth schedule for Jon and myself today to show our need for 24/7 nursing.  It made me tired LOL.  It looks like we have an agency to work with us.  We have worked with some really nice folks, even the ones at Blue Cross that turned us down:)  The Pasco Co Medicaid office has really worked hard on our case and are very sympathetic towards our complex situation.  Usually I'm a mess trying to work out things like this (not that I have ever had a situation like this before thank God!)  but I've had a peace even though everyone around me has been quite negative towards our need of 24/7 nursing, telling me how it won't happen.  Our case is unusual to say the least with two other handicapped kids but because of our situation we are finding the help we need.  Nothing is for sure at this point but I've believed from the beginning that God knows what I can and can't do and what I already do with Sam and Sarah who are both severely handicapped.  Some people say I make it look easy, and to be honest with the three little ones before the accident, it was easy for me.  It was like having two toddlers and a baby.  Well now that has changed alot.  I believe God will provide what I need to be able to take care of all my children.  I've had nothing but positive input today from the various offices that will have to decide the hours of nursing we will get.  Our situation won't change over time because my little ones will always be "forever toddlers/babies"  So unless Selah is healed, our nursing situation should stay the same.

We have made the decision to home school Shad and Steve for the rest of this school year.  Steve will probably have to work through the summer also.  We haven't had books since before Christmas but hopefully we will pick them up this weekend.  We had been going back and to on this decision but we feel this new journey is too new and fragile for me to try and take the kids to school and Jon has to get back to work and will have no leave time to be able to transport them.  It has worked so far this year and will work out for us. 

During my hours on "hold" today I did find some studies on comas and bringing people out of them.  I brought some of the info in and talked to her doctor about trying a few other drugs..  So we are going to look at trying a new one.  There have been a few cases where there has been improvement, we will see.....  I believe in medicine and believe that God gives doctors wisdom and caring hearts to want to ease human suffering.  Just like we were blessed to find out about Dr Aquevella and his life long work on artificial corneas and now have a little boy that has some sight compared to being blind!  I keep praying and hoping we will find another "Dr Aquevella" who has tried something new that works on brain injuries. 

So a busy but productive day....thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray that everything will work out in our favor for Selah's nursing.  Pray for Selah, pray that she will be healed!  And we won't even need nursing!  I'd be thrilled!!

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  1. Sending prayers, prayers and MORE prayers for Selah and for all.