Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 69 Fish OIl Study

This morning we went to see Selah.  We took her outside for some sun and we fed the ducks in the outdoor pond.  Sam threw in a whole piece of bread and the ducks loved him. Selah seems to enjoy being outside.  We are so looking forward to her being home where we can take her outside daily. 

She was started on the Ritalin at 8 am today.  The doctor will start her slowly and see how she does.  She did get upset this afternoon after her splints had been on her arms for 1.5 hours.  The nurse removed them and held her for a few minutes and she calmed down.  We don't think that was caused by the Ritalin but it will be watched closely.  Please pray that she will respond to this medication.

We drove home and went to see Jon's dad.  It was his 85th bday!  What a wonderful father in law he has been to me all these years!  My mother in law was the greatest also and we miss her.  She was killed in a car accident only a few months after Jon & I got married.  I often think how different life would be if she had not had the accident.....  You never know what tomorrow holds, love your family and hold them close while you can. 

So we finally got home  late tonight and found ALL our "left over" things ~ things we couldn't get packed int our car waiting for us!  Thank you RMH for mailing all that to us, it was like a little Christmas:)  We weren't sure what was in there LOL!

Well I had some great photos but my blog is not being cooperative...maybe tomorrow!

Thanks for all your prayers!!!!


  1. I hope the Ritalin works for her. My son and I have both have narcolepsy and years ago Ritalin was the only treatment. Both of us got horrible migraines from it. For years now we've taken Provigil, which works great, but obviously it's for a very different purpose than Selah. I just wanted to comment on the potential for migraines from the Ritalin.

  2. Many prayers for Selah re: Ritalin, and sending love and prayers to all of you. God Bless!

  3. I love the new site design! Glad that Selah got to go outside and enjoy some sunshine. so happy that she is making small improvements!