Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 73 fish Oil Study & I did a trach change....

I DID IT!!!!!!!    I changed Selah's trach!   And I did NOT pass out!!!   Although I did close my eyes as I was pulling it out LOL.....

We have some really nice nurses that I feel comfortable with and one of them got me to sit on the bed and watch last week.  I manged that without getting sick or passing out and I practiced putting in a trach by using her hand with her thumb and forefinger acting as a trach LOL  Today during our team meeting the doctor asked us what did we feel comfortable doing for Selah and what do we not feel comfortable with.  For me, it's only the trach.  Jon has done everything and has done it really good.  So I thought I would try today.  We had one of our favorite nurses, she is a Muslim and so funny:)  She tells me how to be a good Muslim wife~ I wouldn't make a good one:)  Anyhow we laugh alot with her and it made it easy for me to work with her.  She and Jon got ready in case I passed out....she put a chair behind me and Jon was ready to catch me...  but I did fine:)   As I was pulling out the old trach, it felt like I was going to pull out her lungs, so I closed my eyes.....then I realized what I was doing!  And my eyes flew open!  Putting in the new trach was easier. 

Selah did good today but after her bath and trach change, she was on the edge of a storm for about an hour or so.  We took turns holding her and I brought in a rocking chair and we tried that for awhile too.  She managed not to storm but it was close.  Her heart rate would go up to the 130s and then come down....  Jon and I can't help but worry that it is the Ritalin that might have caused that.  We aren't seeing any new or good changes in her.  We're giving the Ritalin until Monday, if she doesn't start having issues, to see if it will help her but if she has storming, we will stop it.  That is the last drug that is used for children to "wake them up" 

I talked to the person in Medicaid who is helping us.  We feel better about our chances to go home soon.  It looks like things are working out and one agency has had a job fair in order to find nurses for Selah.  It does not look like there will be an issue with getting approval for her to have 24/7 nursing....the wait is for nurses to fill in those slots!  Thankfully there is a push to find her the nursing she needs so our family can get home!  But we need if you have any contacts, please let me know. 

The problem with our fish oil got sorted out, and it's on the way to us.....

So everything is moving....even me:)  Please pray for Selah....holding her this afternoon made me miss her.  I just can't help but remember how it felt to hold her little body before the accident and now she feels so different and distant to me.  She has gained so much weight!  Someone asked me if she was swollen but she is NOT, she is just a pug:)  She has not had one tummy problem, thankfully!  She is fed Pedisure and it has caused her to gain weight.  Right now for her height, she is fine but she is quite chubby:)  She looks so good and has such good color.  I just want her to respond more.....   She has been lifting her head and shoulders off the bed several times a day.  She was doing it often in NY but they are just seeing her do it now.   So please pray for Selah!!


  1. Woohoo! Way to go Yvonne! You rock! :-)

    Praying they get those slots filled ASAP so you can finally get home!

    Thanks for the encouraging comment on Sarah's blog too. Much appreciated. :-)

  2. I'm proud of you! I hope that doesn't sound patronizing... As a fellow Mommy of Special Needs children, I understand that there are sometimes things we feel we just can't do, or just can't handle. Then, when the chips are down, we just suck it up and do it! We do it because our kids need us to do it. That's the long and the short of it! Congratulations on clearing the giant hurdle!

  3. Congratulations re: changing the trach!! Be really proud of yourself!!
    Praying mightily for Selah, for all of you, and for the very best nurses to work with Selah when all of you return home.

  4. So happy to hear that you got over your tach hurdle! So glad the fish oil is on it's way! Sounds like the nurses are going to be coming together which is wonderful. God must be taking His time to hand pick them. I so look forward to hearing how much she's going to progress when she gets home. God is so good! Praying for you all!

    SN: I've noticed that the fish oil in the stores is now coming in clear capsules & some are 1000 mg. I have chronic inflammation & sometimes it effects my brain stem & I get chronic headaches & slurred speech. I wonder is the fish oil in the drug store is "good stuff"? & if it would help me. I'm having memory issues also. I know a lot of stuff in the drug stores are its fish oil but with a lot of other junk in it...ya know what I mean. Like just to make a sale. Anyway does anyone reading this know if it's the "good stuff"?! Thank you :)

  5. Way to go!!!! Soon you'll be a pro (though hopefully you won't have to be for long--praying for healing!)

    Jacqui because the FDA doesn't govern supplements (like fish oil) you can have good stuff and not so good stuff. Obviously what Dr. Sears sells is very good and purified; I've purchased supplements from Dr. Mercola online as well. Do your research on the different agencies that overlook things like organic products. I'm on Schiff Red Krill oil and it doesn't hurt anything!

    I have similar problems w/ chronic headaches & migraines (and slurred speech w/ some migraines) and so when I finish my krill oil I'm going to try the stuff from Dr. Sears. You need to be careful if you are on any other blood thinners and if you're going to have surgery (you have to stop them a certain time before).

  6. Thank you so much for answering my question :)