Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 74 Fis Oil Study

Well today is day 74 but the mixer isn't here so no fish oil for Selah.  The fish oil is mixed with Poly (something) to coat her stomach and help her intestines absorb the fish oil better.  It also protects the plastic in the syringe and in the tubing for her  feeding tube.   It should be here tomorrow.

She held her head up a little yesterday and even more today!  The therapist said she held it up for 2 full minutes!!!!!!   We love that! 

Jon took her outside for quite some time today.  She loves being outside. It relaxes her, I can't wait to get her home so we can be outside.

I stayed with the kids today at the hotel.  I ordered all their home schooling curriculum.  We are staying with the same curriculum their school uses.  They will be working on the weekends and over the summer!  So I guess we are official home schoolers:)  I promised my friends I wouldn't start wearing denim jumpers LOLOL!  When I go to thrift stores, I have an unhealthy pull towards them....I liked them back in the 90's!   In fact I have to really watch myself or I have been known to come home with something I would have worn in 1992 :)

We were doubly blessed tonight with a pork dinner and a meatloaf dinner.....Glad I am wearing pajama pants, I think I will go to sleep early tonight:)

Still waiting on the nursing staff.  Hoping to hear something tomorrow.

Thanks for all your prayers for Selah, they mean so much to us!  I know God hears them all!!!!


  1. :-) Denim jumpers are very comfortable.

    Continuing in prayer for you!

  2. Awesome news about Selah holding her head up!!! Yay!

    Welcome, officially, to the homeschooling mothers club. :-) I do remember from our coversation last spring that you were "just not a homeschooler". LOL God has a way, doesn't He? It sounds like you have it all under control, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I'm not sure what Steve wants to do after graduation, but CollegePlus might be a nice option for him. My eldest just started CollegePrep (for 14-17 yo) and I've been very impressed so far. I love that she has an accountability mentor, so it's not just mom holding her accountable. Seems like a topnotch organization. Oh, and no denim jumpers required. LOL

    As always, continuing to pray for Selah!

  3. Praying for Selah and for all of you. Also praying for the right nurses for Selah. Sending lots of love along with the prayers.

  4. Florida Virtual school is also very good--my daughter has taken a few classes that way, I was very impressed and happy with the results.

    You're going to do a great job at homeschooling! I've considered it a few times but now it's just not possible. There is lots of support online--esp. Facebook!

    Always praying!