Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 75 Fish Oil Study!!

Selah got her fish oil and mixture today:)  But even better than that.....taking with Dr Sears' staff last night encouraged me so much!!!   As I reported Selah has had improvement on her MRI in the gray matter and in the frontal lobe.  I was glad but it hurt that we weren't "seeing" any new responses....   Well we were told that this is exactly the scenario that another patient (who went on to recover completely) had at exactly the 2 month mark in the study!  And he was in a deeper coma than Selah is so we were very encouraged by that and wanted to share it!  It's hard at times to think things will change.  But it was good to hear this!

Today Selah held her head up some, not as much as yesterday but she still did it.  I cut her nails and she yanked her hands away from me.  She hates her nails being cut!  We love any response we get from her. 

Tonight Jon & the boys has gone with some friends to a really cool place called Latitude 30 ~ it's this huge complex that has all kinds of entertainment!  Steve keeps taunting me with pictures of his food:)   Steve and Shad deserve some time to themselves for all they do for our family!!  They ate and are scheduled for bowling in a few minutes.  Shad had counted down the days, then today the hours until they would go:)  Thanks to our friends Bryan and Bill for setting this up and for Lattiude 30 for having us.  I thought it would be too much for the little ones, so we did supper and now baths....I'm hoping they will go night night early:)  Sam is snoring on my bed after a warm bath!

We hope to hear something on Tuesday about the nursing situation.  They are working on doing background screening on some of the new nurses they have hired. 

So thank you so much for all the prayers for our sweet Lala!  I have a little hope once again as we see some new improvements and hear that encouraging word!  Please pray that God will have mercy on her and that He will touch her brain and allow it to heal.  And that He will touch her body and take away the stiffness she has.  Thank you so much!

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  1. Continuing in prayer, Yvonne. Thank you for continuing to post!