Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 77 fish Oil Study!!!!

Last night Selah required a little oxygen.  The nurse felt like she was sleeping so deeply that she wasn't breathing hard enough.  Other than that she has done great.  I spoke to the weekend nurses and got some positive feed back.  The day nurse felt that Selah was more alert than last weekend and actually was looking at her when she came in the room.  The night nurse felt her tone was good and she was more relaxed.  The oxygen thing was a bit odd as she is not sick or anything.  We are planning on keeping her on the Ritalin another week just to see if we see a few more changes. 

We are back in Jacksonville after a good Sunday with our church.  I was NOT feeling the most spiritual but sometimes just fellowship  with folks who love us, can be a balm.  Jon's brother came to service and went out to eat with us after,  that was great.  We also ran into some friends~  one friend BJ, did the beautiful quilts for the little kids and now has done about 14 hospital gown type PJs for Selah to wear at night.  They are beautiful and all kinds of different themes from nursery rhymes to tie dye, she will be cute in them and they are so convenient at night.  Then we drove back on the way here we saw a big buck and a doe:)  Jon gets excited to see wild animals. 

I seldom get sick but I am fighting a cold...the kind of a cold that is your put your head down...your nose will stream down!  UGH!  Vitamin C and hot tea usually gets me well!  It worked in NY and I'm counting on it now!!

Still having issues putting up pictures on here.  I tried using the church computer but it seems to be my blog not the computer.....UGH!  I hate issues like this especially when I have some great pictures!!!

Please pray that Selah will have a great week and progress!  Thank you all!!!!


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  2. Love and many prayers to all of you. As always, many specific prayers for Selah...and praying that your cold heals quickly, too.

  3. Praying for more progress, and yes even the computer/photo posting problems! Praying you will be delighted by more signs of God's provision, love and presence. Praying for healing for you and no sickness for anyone else, in Jesus name!