Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 78 fish OIl Study

Sam loves his haircut
Yes she gave him a shampoo and he loved it
Happy boy
Selah is sick and had to be suctioned alot today.  She did fine in therapy but is obviously not feeling good.  I was so sick this morning  I was afraid to go to the hospital then I find out she is sick too!  I ended up not going because I was afraid I might get her sicker. 

We are keeping her on the Ritalin, not expecting much until she gets better.  She is going to be put back on antibiotics.  Hopefully in a couple of days she will be fine.

I have this thing if I'm sick I drink lots of tea and take lots of vitamin C so I'm hoping I'll be fine by tomorrow.  I'm feeling better tonight....

I did take the kids to get their hair cut today and they all look so much better LOL   As you can see from Sam's pictures....he enjoys getting a "buzz and a shampoo"  more than any child I have ever seen!!!

Please pray for Selah that she feels better soon!


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  2. The pictures are good! Love them! Steve looks like such a sweet young man! I do the same as you do when I feel a cold coming on, take whopping doses of Vitamin C, take a zinc tablet, drink Echanacea tea, and irrigate my sinuses with a syringe with 8 oz. warm water + 1/2 tsp. sea salt + 1/2 tsp baking soda, as advised by my ENT. My ENT doctor who operated on my diseased sinuses said it would prevent colds and it actually does, or gets rid of sinus infection & mucus without having to take an antibiotic.
    Thanks for the pics. Continuing prayer for Selah, taking your requests before the Lord.

  3. Try Elderberry Syrup - works awesome to fight off colds and shorten it if you already are sick - tastes like blueberry syrup and safe for the kids too :)
    Love the pictures!