Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 79 fish Oil Study and precious baby pictures of the girls!

Sarah as a newborn
Sarah as a toddler  she can't even stand that good now.  she regressed so much in a year in the mental institution
Sarah standing....
Selah when she entered the orphanage.  she was 2.5 yrs old but it doesn't look possible.
Selah is doing much better today.  Her breathing is good and she went out to therapies.  I was sneezing so much this morning that I was afraid to go and see her but by the afternoon I felt like it would be ok if I wore a mask and didn't get in her face. I asked the nurse and they were ok with it.   I missed her so much, I just felt like I had to see her.  Her tone was great!  She was really relaxed and comfy!
Jon did all her feeds tonight:)  He did it perfectly. I spoke to one of the people in the State who is working on Selah's nursing and we hope to hear something tomorrow.  They are working very hard and looking at several different ways to get her nursing.  We are hopeful.....
Finally got all our pictures printed out and have about 3000 to put in albums!  I got all our pictures done up through getting to the girls LOL!  Now I realize I have to download some of our facilitator's pictures as he got the first few moments of us meeting out girls!   I have a thing about pictures being in chronological order!   This is going to be a HUGE job!  It is heartbreaking to see Selah as she was...before the accident.  Although she has gained about 12 pounds and looks great.  Thankfully she has never had a stomach problems and the pedisure has put on the pounds.  Her hair and nails have grown so much also.  Her color is beautiful everyone always comments on how good she looks.  Some kids who have a neurological accident don't do so good in these areas. 
Please keep praying for Selah!  We want her back to us all the way.  Oh I miss her funny little ways..  I love when I can see her personality coming through.


  1. LOVE the photos!! Sending lots of love and prayers.
    Has your State person tried to split the care among several agencies? Sometimes that is necessary, to get enough staff. The key is to get Admin. of each agency to agree to work together. I had several cases like this, and it was very effective if done well.

  2. Wow, Sarah and Sam really could be twins! No wonder her photo kept you up at night...

    Selah's toddler photo looks a lot like a friend's foster son. Wow. They both have dark eyes and there's just something about their faces that looks similar. Four children, half a world away from each other, resembling one another...just blows me away.

  3. Sarah and Sam really could be twins! No wonder her photo kept you awake at night.

    Selah's toddler photo looks a lot like a little boy I know who's about 2. Wow, four kids half a world away from each other, resembling one another. Makes one realize that we are all alike in a lot of ways!