Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 81 Fish Oil Study~ St Augustine pictures

Sam on daddy's shoulders at the fort.  He loves his daddy
Sarah and Steve in the fort
At the fort
Waiting for the trolley:)
Selah had a great day no issues.  She was up all day in her chairs and did fine.  We called and checked on her a few times.  Very glad she had no issues.  she has done picture perfect!   Tomorrow Jon will be doing all her care through the day till night.  Then on Monday I'll do it.  It's called "rooming in" and we did it also with Sam when he was a baby.

We took the kids to St Augustine and they had a blast.  It was good for them to be out and learning something!  St Augustine seemed more commerical than it was over 20 years ago the last time we went.  I also noticed several businesses closed including the old store that is down by the fort!  I was surprised. The boys loved the fort!  What a sense of history.  So many people have been in that fort for the past almost 500 years.  Old things really amaze us Americans!  We don't have much "old things" so 500 years old stuff is really amazing!  We have pictures of Jon and his family there many years ago...kinda makes me sad, with his mom passed and his dad in bad health.    Jon heard an elderly woman saying today that the last time she was there her children were small....she was probably in her 70's.  Makes you want to "hold the hands of time" tightly....

In high school chorus we used to sing a song that I thought was quite silly at the time..."If the hands of time were hands that I could hold I'd keep them safe and in my hands they'd not grow cold...."  In high school I wasn't about "holding the hands of time"  I was READY for LIFE!  But now with children, I just want to grab and hold Time's hands....maybe push them back a few months too. 

Things are coming into place for us to go home next week...thankful for everyone who has worked hard on our case to ensure great care for Selah!  So many people told me it would/could NOT happen as we needed but I knew it would.  I realize that this is a long term situation and we know everything might not be perfect 100% of the time.  But our expectations will be that it will work out as it should and are committed to seeing that it does.  Really glad that we have a lot of support within the "system" and that many people are aware of our case and unique situation with three handicapped children.  I am glad that during this time of limbo that our doctor here started Selah on Ritalin, per our request, and that we believe we are seeing some improvement, noted by others!  If we had been home, she probably could not have been started on it, since it would have needed to be monitored closely:)  So all things do work out.....

As you all know, I've really have had some trouble with my neck/shoulders/back...I bought a new pillow and it was the best $15 I have ever spent.  I still have issues but probably 50% of the pain is gone.  Today on the trolley, I thought my head was going to fall off.  I literally had to hold my neck with my hands when the road got bumpy.  I'm hoping I didn't rehurt it!  I KNOW my days of riding roller coasters are done!  I can't even handle the trolley on cobblestone streets LOL, this old age stuff stinks!

I've also been fighting the weirdest cold since last weekend.  At some points I am completely fine and then all of a sudden my throat will start hurting so bad, I think I have strep then it goes away.  I have never had anything like this.  I think I am becoming a hypochondriac...actually I am one...I just try and keep it to myself and stay away from anything medical on the Internet or I'll be diagnosing myself with prostrate cancer or something LOLOLOL  I am NOT kidding!  I'm awful!

Some more pictures of today.....

The chaplain counseling with an inmate at the old jail LOL
Shad decided to get on the lap of the sheriff
What a beautiful day in Florida...we actually were a bit warm in our jeans and long sleeves
Shad in the fort.  He really loved it and wants to go back.  I love 9 yr old boys:)

Sarah wants to be down on the ground all the time.  But decided the hard ground of the fort wasn't the best either LOL
the courtyard and steve's head lol
Shad put himself in the gallows:)  He also loved the jail


  1. Gorgeous Kids! Love the pics - looks like you guys are having fun :)

  2. I remember going to St. Augustine in elementary school--and then when my daughter was in elementary school we all went--and WOW I remembered being in parts of the fort! Such a cool place to go. My son was a baby, and with education cuts, no more fieldtrips to St. Augustine :( So we want to take him soon.

    So glad the nursing care is working out, and that Selah is doing so well! I'm happy you're going home soon!!

    Good luck on homeschooling--I think it's cool Steve wants to learn Russian!

  3. Looks like a fun day! Glad Selah did well too! :-)

  4. LOVE the photos! Glad that everyone had a good day. :-)
    Sending love and prayers for all.