Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 82 fish Oil Study~Headed home! Ticket:(

Well....we are going home Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!   All nursing is set up for 24/7care!  All equipment is ordered.  Thanks to everyone who made this happen for us.  We heard many who said it could not or would not happen but it is!  Alot of work went into it and we are grateful.

Today Jon did all her care.  I came up at lunch and went with her to her therapies.  Then Jon & I gave her a "bed bath"....ummm that was fun....NOT!  It was ok but I just can't think you can get anyone very clean with a bed bath.  She feel asleep as soon as we were done.  I washed her hair too, that was a job! 

Tonight we are going back to the hotel and packing up everything.  We'll go home tomorrow and when we come back Sunday we'll just bring a change of clothes with us. 

Oh we had a wonderful thing happen to us today...our van got ticketed in the hospital parking lot!!!  Our tag is expired and we haven't got the new sticker yet.  So some idiot from the Jacksonville parking violation~tax collector's office came into a HOSPITAL parking lot to ticket people!  A rehab where everyone has been living in some sort of crisis for months just like us!  I'm all for keeping your tag up but there are times when things overwhelm and you are late sending it in!  I called everyone I was so mad and everyone that I  talked to thought it was terrible but NO one could do anything to help me!  Evidently this hospital is targeted alot by the great ticket givers of Jacksonville!   Isn't that just special?  Most of the patients and their families have already been in a hospital for months and now they are in a rehab, some far from home like us.  I am disgusted that they would target a hospital parking lot....go to Walmart, or Target, just down the road....

We are excited to go home, but we know life will be very different than before.  It will be odd to have nurses in our home 24/7.  That will be hard for our family.  But it is best for Selah to make sure she has a qualified person working with her.  We hope it time that she will be off the trach and feeding tube and we won't need nursing care for her but for now it is what we need. 

She will be transported by ambulance home.  One of us will probably ride with her.  So after almost 6 months, Selah will be home soon!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you all for your prayers, they are appreciated!


  1. Awesome news about Selah. I'm so happy everything is finally coming together so you all can be reunite for good.
    As far as the parking ticket, my husband's childhood friend works for the Jacksonville Police Dept. He's in investigations now but if you're interested, I'll ask my husband if we can call Robert to see if he can help you all out. With everything that you all have been through and having been so overwhelmed, this is a case where I feel the law should be gracious and forgiving.

  2. SO GLAD to read that you are all going home on Tues. Love and prayers for all. :-)

  3. I have a special needs nephew with cerebral palsy. My sister and her husband have a special bath seat for him that works wonderfully. It's from Rifton. You can maybe look on their site and see what they have to offer.

    Glad to hear that you will all be home sweet home TOGETHER very soon.

  4. Hopefully Samantha's friend, above, can help you out, but I would wonder whether the ticket writers in the Jacksonville Parking enforcement don't target the hospital in order to try to ENSURE that the overwhelmed people who need to park there are able to do so, and aren't being pushed out by those who might be taking advantage of a large lot. Of course your family has a right to be there, but I've seen many people illegally park in handicapped parking, so I'm certain that they're not above illegally parking at a hospital. Parking enforcement is the only group working to stop that from happening. Just another possible point of view on the matter.

    1. the Rehab hospital is in a very awkward cornor of the road. I doubt that people park there for any other reason it's too hard to get in and out and is not near anything but two busy roads. The other hospial has much better free parking. The security there is not happy with them coming in as they do their own patroling