Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 85 fish Oil Study ~plans ~ and a big prayer request

My FB status....
What a day I got up and went to the courthouse....almost cried - last time I was there was with all the kids getting the paperwork to re adopt the girls....then dropped off things at the thrift shop, then spent more than an hour waiting at the pharmacy for Selah's (only got 8) prescriptions and Sam's eyedrops...pharmacist was SO sweet he made me cry. I totally lost it and had to go to the bathroomom to calm down. Then we stopped by Olive Garden for lunch and saw our fav hostess who had wondered where we'd been and she was just shocked by everything.... then we drove back to Jax and have some friends throwing us a little good bye party tonight....tomorrow is the big day! I've spent HOURS on the phone today getting everything delivered etc....I am TERRIFIED.....but glad she'll be home
My FB status sums up my day.  Lots of running around and taking care of many last minute things.  We called and checked on Selah several times it reminds me of "adoption day" we didn't get to see the girls at was ALL about them but we were too busy getting all their paperwork done.  Today was the same, everything  was all about Selah too.  We did run and see her tonight and say goodbye to our nurse that we like so much.  Selah looked great and her hands were so nice and relaxed.  When I am with her, the future is not so scary....
We got back in Jax in time to pick up the rest of my pictures that I finally got printed out at Walmart.  I just flipped through them and they took my breath away...Selah at home playing....the last section of the 3000 + pictures and I see all these pictures of her.  It's one thing to see them on the computer but to have them printed I just wanted to hold them and look at every little gesture and thing she did..... 
It's been a very emotional day for me.  Loosing it at the pharmacy was a first for me and probably for them too.  But believe me tears work, they had all my medicines done up and bagged by the time I got out of the bathroom LOL .  No they were absolutely wonderful and their kindness just touched me and I couldn't handle my emotions. 
The stickers are on our vans now~we are legal:)  No more tickets for us!   Being at the courthouse just reminded me of the day we all descended on it right before we left for NY.  I went to get all the paperwork to readopt the girls and Shad too.  It was such a hot day, but it was meaningful to me as it was the beginning of the last step we would take legally for them to be ours.  (legally they are all ours, it's just the best thing to have them readopted in the US and then they can get US birth certificates.)    We had also gone there earlier to get Sam and Steve's passports done so I think of the girls' adoption in relation to that building. 
While I was doing all of that, Jon took his van in to be serviced and he bought a security camera set for Selah's room.  We feel more comfortable with her having a camera in there that we can monitor.  Our friend Jim who is an amazing technical guy thank God because we are not put it in for us. 
We had a good going away party tonight!  A bunch of our new friends from Mandarin United Methodist came by and we all ate and had a good time laughing together.  Hope to stay in touch with all of them! 
PLEASE be in prayer for my good friend Bryan who God used to arrange all these fantastic relationships for us here in Jax.  He is a college friend who was friends with Bill...who got his church involved .....  (it amazes me how God works things out...)  Anyhow Bryan is facing a major medical issue!
Bryan has had an accident some time ago and has had many physical problems since.  In December things got worse as he experienced partial paralysis on his right side, at the time they thought he might be having a strok e,it happened so suddenly. They are attributing it to the cervical and thoracic portion of his spine.   He has already had 2 surgeries in the past and has screws in his neck.  But now his doctor feels he may need emergency surgery to see if it is the screws pressing into his neck or maybe a bone spur or something else.  He is meeting with the doctor tomorrow at 1 pm to determine the course of treatment.  They are very concerned about all of this.  Please pray for my friend who did so much for us.  I told Bryan that God saw all the effort he made to help our family ( and all my little former orphans) and that God's word talks over and over again how He hears and helps those who help others....  And Bryan took it on himself to make contact with his friend and arrange all this for our family.   It was an amazing step for him to contact someone on our behalf and for all of this to work out!  We appreciate him and just want to see all of this work out for him hopefully without surgery but if there has to be surgery that is be just what he needs to fix this problem once and for all!!!  Please pray for Bryan and put his need on your prayer lists and churches.  Thank you very much
Thank you for your prayers hopefully my next post will be from HOME!


  1. Praying you HOME!! So surreal after all this time. Praying Selah handles the transition well too. (No snow in the forecast, right? So the roads will be good. LOL)

    Love to you all!

  2. Praying for your family and Bryan!

    Safe travels! And WELCOME BACK HOME SELAH!!! xoxoxo

  3. Offering lots of prayers for Bryan, for Selah and for all of you as you travel home. Godspeed!

  4. Praying for Bryan, and as always for Selah!