Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 87 Fish Oil Study HOME!

There is NO doubt in my mind that Selah is a HAPPY girl!  She is so relaxed and truly we are glad to be home!!!

Finally sitting on her swing....
I know she looks tired...there is a story behind it:)
So last night was a "baptism by fire" to say the very least.  To be nice, I will say the nurse was not qualified to be Selah's nurse (or anyone else's for that matter)  We did everything from changing her to running her feeds, giving her the meds...the nurse did suction her...WRONGLY...
I called the agency at 8 am and told them she could not be Selahs nurse again....  They were amazing and have someone coming tonight in her place.  I am leaving out a whole lot of the story but let me tell you I shook for hours last night afraid we'd do something wrong.  Selah was at first having oxygen levels that were too low and at one point I even turned on her oxygen.  Then her levels got normal and she kept a high heart rate (120-130) most of the night...she did not sleep at all.  I swear she was uneasy too!  That is why she looks so tired in the swing.  She slept for awhile but we didn't want her to sleep much because we wanted her back on her schedule.  So we kept her up in her chair al day and she did great.  She seems really glad to be home, no doubt at all! 
We kept her "nose" on all day, the cover of her trach which makes it harder for her to breath than just breathing the humidified air in the blued tubing that you so often saw around her neck at Rehab.  They didn't think she tolerated it very good...well she wore it all day when she was in NY and now again at home and did great.  I personally think it is good for her to work a bit harder so she is "thinking" about her breathing. 
And is works her lungs harder which is good!!! 
We had the most amazing nurse today who more than made up for last night!  We had a great day with her and really got Selah's room in order and of course there were some more things to pick up for her at Walmart.  One of my Jax friends had given me a gift card and also a friend of hers friend had sent us several gift cards which covered her thermomator, some new sheets, some bigger clothes ( lol!!!)  and all kinds of other little things we needed:)  Thank you friend of a friend of a friend's friend:)
We also have food~ I went real grocery shopping with Steve this afternoon:)  I bought lots of fruits & veggies and really want us all to start eating better!!!   I was so tied in the store that I actually did not think I was going to be able to drive home but I made it and was able to work through it.  But after a stressful day and night and no sleep and I couldn't eat because my tummy and stress do NOT mix...I thought i was going to crash!
But I got home to our dear friends Ken & Lynn who delivered us all kinds of soups:)  Everyone ate and was happy!  What a blessing friends are!!!!
So our day nurse had to leave at 6 pm and our new nurse couldn't come on until 10-11 pm but we have managed quite well!  Selah is behaving and I did the meds.  Her room is all fixed up and I had bought some more shelving and those little plastic drawer looks great~ Steve,me and the nurse got it all arranged and it is perfect! 
I went in to move her and her legs are so flexible I could not believe it!  I called for Jon to come in...they look better than since the accident! I really didn't want to wake her up but I had to test her range of motion and it was amazing in her knees!  I can not get over it!!!  They felt so soft and relaxed rather than hard as a board as they usually feel!!! 
Sometimes I am hesitant to tell things like that because I don't know if it is going to be consistent but it was so different, it almost scared me!!  In a good way:) 
Anyhow we have survivied and are glad to be home.  Jon is going back to work tomorrow and is looking forward to seeing all his folks ( staff and inmates!) 
Thanks for all your prayers and please contiue to pray that she will fully recover!!!!


  1. This is do amazing! I am so happy that you are all finally home under the same roof! Blessings as you transition back home.

  2. So glad Selah had a good day.

    There's no place like home, there's no place like home!


  3. So happy Selah is doing well and you all are feeling good about the transition! I will take you up in your offer from your previous post and email you. I hadn't forgotten! So great to read this today!

  4. Praising God that you are all home (and for the good nurse!). Praying!!!

  5. I am so happy that precious Selah is home with her family finally! What a long and trying road it has been to this point but I am thrilled that you have felt the Lord so strongly during all of this. I am on the opposite side of the country so I am sure that I can't be of much help to you other than for our family to keep praying for all of you. Perhaps that is the best way to help. (-:

  6. Love and prayers to all. I'm SO happy that you are home. I'm praying for Selah's complete recovery. <3 <3

  7. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for you all! I'm smiling while I read this. So glad you shared the swing pics. She looks so peaceful just chilling with her daddy. Wow God is so good!! :)

  8. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for you all! I'm smiling while I read this. So glad you shared the swing pics. She looks so peaceful just chilling with her daddy. Wow God is so good!! :)

  9. My son cheered when he heard Selah was home :) I am sure being at home, she will do even better!

    Love and prayers

  10. I'm thankful to hear your nurse today was so much better than the one last night, and to hear the Selah is looking relaxed at home!

    Blessings and prayers!