Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 101 Fish Oil Study ~cute pictures

Well today is officially 101 days since Selah started the Fish Oil Study, I took it to her today since she is back on her her feeds.  I have to say St Joe's have won my heart this time around.  They were amazing about the fish oil study and went out of there way to make sure it was put in the right place ( the fish oil has to be in the freezer)  What a difference from the rehab hospital, who could have cared less about the study!  This time in St Joe's Selah was on the regular floor instead of the new wing and the care has been wonderful.  If one of us is not there, they call us about everything, I really like that!

She had a tiny fever today but if everything goes ok she will be home tomorrow!  She looks great and was relaxed.  Still no answer about what was the problem but I think it goes back to the changing of the gtube...  

Here is our girl, she was busy watching the light/water machine they'd brought it.  It is a sensory toy that has a column of water with different light colors on the bottom, it changes colors to classical music, this one happened to have mirrors and it seemed like there were 3 of them.  I LOVE it!  So did Sam and Sarah
Sarah immediately reached out for it when I put her near it
I LOVE this picture of Sam and the light

They both were touching it

Sam basically stood there for 2 hours and held it!  He was enthralled....Look at Shad, he and Sam are both 9 yrs old now...he is a head taller than Sam!
So if any one has a spare one of these send it my way!  My kids love it!!!  I had looked at one in a magazine and it was over $1000...if  Extreme Home Make Over ever comes to my door, they need to have one of these with them!!
Here are some pictures from yesterday.  The kids at the dentist office watching a movie, I just love this picture of Sarah:)  Sam had Steve's Ipod:)  he is so cool
Look at my big girl sitting up with a ribbon in her hair!  Big difference from that tiny little weak girl I met 9 months ago!
So pray for Lala that she is completely well and can come home.  We miss her!  And please continue praying for her healing.  I pray throughout the day that God will heal her mind and bring her back to us.  You have no idea how many times throughout the day I pray's always on my mind no matter what I'm doing.  
I want to give a big thank you to Andrea who mailed me her sweet daughter's bath seat!  Her little girl passed away recently but she wanted to bless another family.  I can't wait to get Selah home and give her a bath in it.  I may post a picture:)  With a towel cover up so you can see how much easier it will make things for us!  What a blessing that was to us!


  1. I have never seen such a toy--what a marvelous thing!! And what a special treat for all your kids!!

  2. What great pictures--and wow, I think I would love that sensory toy too! Can you post the product name or where you saw it? I am pretty good at finding "bargains" online....and who knows? Maybe something like it would qualify as therapy (just like a balance ball for PT would count). I'll keep my fingers crossed ;)

    Lots of prayers always!

    1. it was in a magenzine like Exception Parents but it was a catologe... I'd LOVE to have one! It would keep them occupied LOL Sam stood there for 2 hours watching it! It's like "crack" LOL Actually it is memarizeing...i was just sitting there too and watching

  3. The photos are terrific! Thanks for sharing them.
    Praying MANY prayers for Selah and for all of you, and hoping to read of her discharge tomorrow!

  4. Praise God for the bath seat! What a blessing... we know the expense of them. They are worth every penny though.

  5. Such sweet pictures of your beautiful children. Praying daily for you all.

    janet and gang

  6. We have one of those water columns. They're actually very inexpensive. Just shop around. They're at all of those home stores. We paid under $100 for ours at Target.
    They make small desk ones too.
    I saw one at Petco the other day too. It was $200-something. :-)

  7. Love the photos! :-)

    Praying for you and Selah!

  8. Abby had one as a little one. She was legally blind, and she LOVED it too. I bought it at Sam's for around $100 back then. I would look for bubble/ water floor lamps. I bet if its not called a sensory toy,it's cheaper. :)