Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 102 Fish Oil Study ~ Happy Valentine's Day

It's 10:30 pm and I'm sitting here waiting for the ambulance to deliver Selah home:)   What a busy day we left the hospital about 6ish "right" before the ambulance was leaving....well.....  it didn't get there until 10 pm!  She is doing great and finally had a diagnosis.  of some sort of something in her poop.  And they do think that she had a cut in her stomach either from all the moving of the gtube or from all the heaving when she threw up.  Anyhow she has responded well and they feel everything is under control.  Whatever she was diagnosed with could have been in her system for a long time.  It was nothing I'd ever heard of before and can't remember what it was.  She will be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks and she has been changed from Xantac to Prevacite.

Finally got Steve and Shad to the dentist!  Steve had to have major work done on his braces and now has bands.  Shad had to have a tooth pulled!  Thankfully it was a baby tooth!

I have lots of thoughts about Valentine's Day...but I'm almost too tired to share them LOL

I'm not a roses and card type of girl.  To me that is such a me a few plants for my garden and take me out to eat and I'm happy.  I certainly don't need jewelry or diamonds....that just doesn't appeal to me!  I'd be too worried about losing it or having a kid grab it and break it!  I'd slap someone if they bought me a fur coat....  I guess I'm pretty simple.  Today my husband got up early worked from 8 am to 10 pm to make up the hours he'd used when he stayed in the hospital with Selah Monday and Tues to give me a break....  To me that speaks LOVE.....  No we didn't go out to eat I did have Chinese pick up waiting for him when he got home.  We didnt' get each other cards we haven't had the time to even go to the store these past week.  We'll go out sometime this weekend to eat (maybe-and probably with the kids)  We're not going to have a "romantic night" no we have 2 nurses here and a daughter just being released from the hospital)  But this is real LOVE....not the kind you see in Hollywood or really even the kind you think about as a young person but it is LOVE.

Love is not picture perfect, it is real life, where the "rubber meets the road"  It is commitment when you might feel like running away 

I've learned what LOVE took me a few years but I'm thankful I have a real LOVE in my life and I wish the same for you.  See I watch my husband giving eye drops to Sam or changing Sarah or staying up all night in the ER with Selah and I know that is a committed LOVE.  He ain't with me because of  just from what he gets out of the relationship.  And I know he'll be there for me if I need him.   I thank God for that kind of love in my life. 

I'm not a "hottie" but every now and then when I'm alone (LOL) in public I get hit on....I'm not alone much in public but I've laughed right in guys' faces when they hit on me.  Once I was waiting for our pizza order at a Hungry Howie's a guy asked me "Are you looking for a bad boy?"  After I finished laughing  in his face I told him "no I have THREE of them waiting for me at home"  I also told him that he needed to look at the left hand to see if a woman had a ring on before he asked dumb questions like that at a Hungry Howie's LOL!  I also told him he needed to get right with God and he told me he went to church I said "probably not often enough!"   

My point in telling you this story(besides a good laugh)  is to just let you know that if you are single, don't settle for a cheap pick up line or for someone who just has a relationship with you to meet their needs.  find a good man or woman who has real love to share freely with you with NO games involved!  I've dated game players and I don't know about you but that got old quick!  If you are in a relationship that you can not trust the person or his/her motives.....RUN away as fast you can!    Having lived to be in my late 40's I've learned alot and seen so many people have heartaches that could have been avoided.  I could have avoided some heart aches in my life but I was stupid....

So Happy Valentine's Day to y'all!  I hope and pray that you have or will have a true love who will be with you in thick and thin!  Don't settle for less!

Well since I started this night's blog, Selah arrived very upset but I held her and cuddled with her for awhile and she calmed down.  Sometimes holding her completely is too much for her so I knelt by the bed and cuddled her head and talked to her.  She calmed down immediately!  Her heart rate dropped to the 100's )now in the 80-90's since she is asleep  and her blood pressure went from crazy high 163/89 to a normal 115/72.   She was given her meds during the time I was holding her but they don't work that fast:) 

So on this nice rainy night I'm thankful that all the Clantons (ans a nurse) are under the same roof tonight!


  1. Good counsel of true love, Yvonne. My mother held the reins tight and it chafed then but it gave me time to form high moral standards and grow mature enough to keep my emotions in check concerning young men. For her good judgment I am thankful now at age 72 after having had a husband who loved me unconditionally and was faithful and committed to me until he went home to heaven. Your husband sounds like a precious jewel of a man.
    It is wonderful to have some questions answered and to have your little girl home again. May God continue that healing progress in her body.

  2. AMEN!!!

    SO glad Selah is home and getting better! Still praying!

    I've been married for 20 yrs, we've been together for 24 and I know EXACTLY what you mean, I was smiling and nodding the whole time while reading your post. My husband is a wonderful husband and father. I knew he would be--I say that you can tell a guy by how they treat little kids and animals. He's a true blessing from God. And we've been thru ups and downs and you are so right it's not about the hearts and flowers--it's about what he does with his heart and how he handles the thorns ;)

    I am so glad you have such a wonderful husband and I know he is blessed to have you as well. Your children have such great role models on what true love means.

    Love to you all xoxo

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. I enjoyed your comments, as I, too am fortunate to have a very real, committed, forever kind of love, :-)
    I'm so glad that you are all back together tonight. God bless all of you.

  4. Lol, too funny "Are you looking for a bad boy?". I must confess, I too, am not a flowers/candy/valentines girl. My hubby usually will get me a plant, and eventually we may go out to dinner. We met through mutual friends at a bar (never a great spot), and it was his bday so his friends got him one too many drinks. He proceeded to hit on me in a drunken way, which was less than impressive. I left that night with my friends, and bid him farewell. I knew he was harmless and good spirited (just drunk). Later, when I did happen upon him again, he profusely apologized for his behavoir, and politely asked me out and for a second chance to give me a good I said 'Ok, why not'. Guess the rest is history and here we are 7 years and one daughter later.