Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 107 Fish Oil Study

Selah had a good day outside and did lots of work today.  Her nurse did range of motion with her and really worked her!

This was a Christmas present from Bell Shoals Baptist Church to me!  I am loving it!  Tonight I made Baked beans, Hot cheese very spicy and turkey meatballs in it!  YUM!  Everyone was very full and happy!  I love this crock pot!

This is the spider I saved my family from today LOL!  I caught him/her and took him/her out to my garden.  Spiders are great in gardens:)  I did not kill him/her!

Good day for Selah which means a good day for me.  I did alot of paperwork for us and the church (finally-after months!)  The kids did good.  Steve worked faithfully on his schoolwork and his Russian!  Today was the first day for him to work on  the Rosetta Stone computer class.  He took it very serious.  Home schools and private schools often use Rosetta Stone for some of their foreign language classes.  He also climbed up in the church attic to learn how to flip the switch on the A/C...do NOT ask WHY it is in the attic of all places.....
I did get an email from Selah's doctor in NY and after reviewing the MRI done in Jacksonville, they are just not sure that there has been any change in the brain.  It's hard to compare as the machines are different kinds...:(  I was afraid of that.....  I can't focus much on it right now......
Just please keep praying for our sweet Selah!
So for my central Florida friends....we have a real issue with the septic tank at the church and possibly at our house also.  Does anyone have a contact that could help us out for a very low price or even for free????  If you have a contact will you contact that person or business and then contact me at theclanton5@aol.com  if they would like to help???  The septic system is very old and not even a tank and we have some issues!!!!!  HELP!!!!!!!  We're just not even sure we can get the lid off without some real muscles! 
Another friend is adopting and the adoption is moving so quickly...her is her blog  http://myianna.blogspot.com/2013/02/spring-family-fundraiser.html
She has an amazing fund raiser going on with beautiful pictures....You can donate or you can pick one of the pictures or gifts to buy and it all goes for her adoption!!!!!!!


  1. Selah looks so cute in her rocker shades. Reading this makes me miss my home church Bell Shoals Baptist terribly.

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to your friends' adoption - awesome! Hope they get the $ raised quickly!! I donated our little amount but if each person would do that, man, it would truly help!!
    Selah is in my prayers - she looks so great in the pictures lately!!