Thursday, February 21, 2013


This morning the boys dug out the septic tank (at least to the cover) and I worked on my container garden.  I hung a bunch of strawberry plants up and you can see my green "upside down tomato plants" and the ones on the ground are herbs.  I still have some more to plant but ran out of soil.  Hopefully next week I can do my square foot gardens.  This is my 4th year doing them.  They need to be cleaned out really good because some grass has grown in them.  Then I'll add some more soil and new plants:)  I love to garden!!!  There is just something about the smell of dirt and plants...the sun shining, it just makes me feel alive!
Selah had a good day, went outside for awhile with the nurse and has been doing fine.  I love that we have to hold almost all her blood pressure meds now!  She is rarely outside the parameters for needing them!  We also have been holding the Valium as she is so calm.  I LOVE it!  The less medicines the better!  She is really happy to be home and shows it by being calm and at peace.  That means alot to me.
I ran into some friends at the store today that I haven't seen since the accident.  Glad to know of the many prayers for Selah and our family! 
Things/Life is just really hard for me right now.  To be honest I am quite thankful that I'm so busy, it helps me cope.  I'm not a person who needs alot of down time anyhow.  Right now I"m going from the second I get up till I go to bed and thankfully I have no problem going to sleep!  Jon's the same way, he is so busy.  And it's good for us.
I feel like we are at a place where we are just waiting....waiting for something to happen.....we have alot of decisions to make in the future but right now we are just hunkered down and living our lives.  It is so obvious that we are going to have to do something about our home.  We keep hoping that Extreme Home Make Over will drive their bus up some morning....LOL  but if that doesn't happen, we are probably going to look at buying or building a house since this is not our home.  We really will need lifts for Selah and a room and bathroom fit for her.  Right now we are just making do with things. 
BUT I keep hoping that a miracle will happen where we won't need any of that stuff!  I'd be just so happy in my little house stuffed with kids!  I was happy before! 
I just keep remembering that dream I had right after the accident, I want it to come true so bad! 
Sorry I"ve been down but again, but this is my real life.....
So glad the book of Psalms is included in the Bible.  David was so up and down and he wrote about it.  I feel the same way often within minutes of it LOL   I do hope in God and God alone....  but I feel such despair at times.
Please keep praying for Selah!!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!


  1. continuing in prayer for you every day, Yvonne.

  2. Yvonne, I keep wondering if the/a problem with EHM is that you don't own your home. I can't remember if I have *known that they don't do the work if you don't have ownership, or if I've just never noticed anyone that didn't. But every episode I've ever seen, the people own. One of the things they are so proud of is that the mortgage payment doesn't go up. That they'll be able to keep up with payments after the team is gone. Sometimes they tear down the old house and start from scratch, but it's on the land the family owns. Does anybody else know? Praying for Selah and your family!

    1. That could be, we've thought the same thing too!