Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 111 Fish Oil Study ~ Gardens of time

Selah is having a good day, very calm and she has her great weekend Catholic monk nurse...he is super good with her and a joy to be around.  He took her out some today as we were all out enjoying the sunshine and cleaning out the septic tank at the same time LOL

Actually this picture just looks like they were all contemplating a hole on the ground

Thanks to some men at our church and our wonderful neighbor who lent us his tractor the job of cleaning out the septic tank only took a few hours instead of all day.  We have great neighbors like our friend that lent us the tractor, another neighbor has watched our house when we were gone AND while we are home and brought us the nicest fruit basket!  Another moved our dumpster when it rained with his tractor!  We all ban together out here.   I honestly think everyone had good "clean" fun today.  I enjoy work days at the church, of course I wasn't shoveling out the tank either LOL!  They did send me to Lowe's to get some concrete, well sending me to Lowes is like sending other women to the mall!  I love the smell of it and the garden section is my undoing.  I actually bought some flower plants today.  I usually focus on veggies but I enjoy some flowers too.  I bought two lavender plants that I put in big barrels by our outside swing.  I'm looking forward to them growing and smelling sweet all summer long

And it is basically summer here now. i enjoyed seeing the snow but I am a Florida girl all the way.  I live in shorts and flip flops.   I got a bit sunburned today.  It was around 90 degrees out in the sun but I love it!  The job went so quick and easy for the church and then I got to play in my garden:)   I grew up with us having a huge garden, everyone had gardens.  My aunts and granny worked their gardens well into their 80's and their gardens would put mine to shame.  They also canned everything.  I just wasn't interested in doing any of that back then.  Oh I wish I could go back and learn some gardening tips from them!  I helped by picking the corn or feeding the chickens but I never planted anything.  I did like to shuck the corn, I'd find the "corn worms" and let them crawl all over my hand.  Of course I'd save them which drove everyone crazy but they were such pretty worms! 

I can remember sitting in the backyard under the pecan trees shucking corn with my aunts.  We'd sit out there and talk and they'd tell me stories about growing up in the early part of the 1900's.  I wish I'd written the stories down.  My one great aunt was born in 1899!  She had stories of Indians in rural Florida.  She hated Indians to say the least, still was afraid of them in the 70's LOL  They all grew up in the north west cornor of Dixie County which is just south of Perry Florida where I grew up.  The stories they had of the Great War and World War II, the depression, the great flu epidemic, just amazing stuff.  They lost two brothers in World War I and one in World War II.  Their grandpa was a civil war veteran, on the South's side of course!  They saw such history!  Maybe my renewed love of gardening somehow connects with them.  I can't think of any of them without thinking of their gardens, their house plants or their cooking   It certainly was a simple time. 

We also had a huge grapevine.  My uncle had put it up on steel rods and it was tall enough for an grown up to walk under.  It probably was 800 square feet.   I had a swing under there and spent much of my summer reading and playing under there.  Friends used to come and pick grapes and spend time under it talking.    I can remember hearing ALL kinds of gossip when the grown ups would forget I was there hehehe!  Although I'm sure it was sizzling...I've forgotten it all!

Of course we had a screened in front porch.  In front of it were HUGE azalea plants.  Tall as a man!  So we always had shade on the front porch and the sound of bees.  We'd sit outside at dark and they'd snap peas if it was in season and we'd sing.  My Aunt Ruby loved "Just over in the Glory Land"  I can remember sitting out there on summer nights and singing with her.   Occasionally we sing that in our church as our music minister always includes some of the oldies but goodies and I seldom can get through it without crying.   Good memories!

Well we had an interesting time last night.... a nurse was supposed to come and interview with us at 10 pm for the 2 night shifts that we don't have filled.  She didn't come till 11 pm and then was "using her outside voice" even tho I asked her to be quiet as my kids were all in bed.  She was amazing in the fact that she was so unprofessional... Needless to say I told her she wasn't needed.  She seemed shocked...LOL  I was under the impression she was coming from a nursing job but oh no she told me that she and her husband had gone out and that is what took so long.  We even wondered if she had been drinking.  Nope, don't think that is going to work with us!  I'm so thankful for our main nursing staff, they are incredible!  Each of them is different but they care for Selah and we enjoy them.  We only have 2 night shifts that need to be filled.  At this point I'd rather do it although there is always that fear that something will go wrong.  We had two other people in that position and both made big mistakes in Selah's care.  I figure I can do better than that.  I think we've been luckier than most in the nurses we've gotten that work our regular shifts.  They are the kind of nurses you want taking care of your family!!

Please keep praying for Selah!  I really do thank you for everytime you've thought of her. 


  1. My goodness, 90 degrees...I'm much further north, our high for today, in celsius was about -9. And we're considering this WARM weather as it was -30 earlier this week.

  2. I think of you folks often, even though I've never met you. The beauty of the word: your written word AND the Word of God in flesh. Praising Jesus for all that He has done for you and for all that He will do.