Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 112 Fish Oil Study

Selah did really good this morning at church and seemed interested.  She was moving her head around alot.   We have weaned her off Valium completely:)  We'll only give it if it is needed and she hasn't needed it for 5 full days!  I also forgot to tell you all that I did the gtube change last week by myself.  We are certainly learning more and more how to care for Selah.  With not having a night nurse on the weekend, it's actually ok with me.  I'd rather do everything than to have issues with some new nurse.  When you deal with home health care nurses, the good ones all have stable cases and you might get the less skilled ones until you are established.  Our main day nurse had just had a patient pass away and our main night nurse had had a patient move.  That is how we ended up with them as full time.  Our other two day nurses also had openings.  These other ones they've tried to send are either ones that no other family will have or they have no experience.....  So it is easier to just do things myself at night until we get the right one! 

I'm hearing news reports that we might have snow this week!  SNOW in Florida at the end of February!  OH MY!  If it snows I will take pictures:)  Last time it snowed down here in Florida was in the late 70's early 80's, so much for global warming:)  I'll be bringing in plants I'm sure, glad I didn't plant my square foot gardens yet.

Sarah and Sam
Sarah likes to touch Sam

Sam does not like Sarah to touch him

the kids leaving church holding hands without anyone telling them, how sweet is this?
We had some old friends visit our church today and some new friends:)  That made for a good day.
Our one year anniversary with the girls will be coming up soon and I'm going to post every day what we were doing last year.  When we were in Ukraine I badly neglected my blog but I wrote on FB.  I have many great pictures that I took and dated on my laptop which will help me reconstruct our 6 weeks there.   People said not to post on our blog and thee were some odd things going on but I regret not posting now.  We left on March 30th and came home on May 9th.  It was a wonderful time.
When I had each of my boys there is just such a glow around the memories of thie birth and the days that followed.  It was the same with Shad and certainly the same with the girls.  Everything was magical and amazing to us.  The whole process and memories is bathed in a glow for me....I'll check my fb posts to make sure it was glowing as much as I remember LOL.  But it really was an amazing time. 
We all fell in love with Ukraine.  I didn't feel like that in China at all.  I didn't feel much connection to anyone there.  I was alone for one thing, then I stayed at 5 star hotels and totally isolated from the Chinese.  I flew from Chengdu to Guagadoz rather than take the train.  Everyone wanted to practice English on me....So basically I was a tourist at Disney world....Ukraine was a whole different ballgame!  We lived as Ukrainians did, took the over night trains from hell, ate whatever we could get at the store and no one cared at all about trying to speak English to us!  It was no Disney World but it was wonderful and we loved every minute of it:)  Even the god awful train ride.  It would put hair on your chest:)  I'm looking forward to blogging about our adventures and putting out photos. 
Please keep praying for Selah.  We all want to see some changes in her....she is very peaceful and content but we long to see her alert and responsive.  She is pretty alert most of the day and has a normal sleep rhythm.  We really want to see more responds to us
Selah last night with just mommy and daddy as her nurses:)  She was rocking the purple and almost asleep when I took this. 


  1. Sarah has grown up SO much! What a beautiful little girl.

    Looking forward to your "one year" ago posts. I remember stalking your blog last year w/ no updates. LOL