Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 114 Fish Oil Study ~ Great Day!

What a GREAT day today:)

Our PT was able to come again today and she worked with Selah for an hour!  She put her on her tummy.  The way she did it was to put a Baby Boopy pillow that I had found at a thrift store under her and put her on her knees and elbows.  We used a small exercise ball (the kind that is small and weighted) for Selah to put her forehead on and she did great!  It's really good for her posture and back and everything.  Her knees bent so nice and it didn't seem to bother her.  She just looked so good, I was so excited to see her "working out ' like that. 

The therapist also worked with Sam and Sarah and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, they were happy, happy, happy! 

Steve and Shad are doing great in homeschooling, I have to admit I was a bit worried but it's gone good.  Shad is flying through things and very serious about his work.  He really wants to get far ahead in his books .  Their curriculum lets them work at their own pace.  Steve is enjoying Russian.  I can't believe it.  He is so into it with his headset on and is mumbling Russian words over in the corner of our living room (the only place the wifi works in the house) 

Shad and I had dentists appointments today.  We've had exceptional dental insurance for years and we take great care of our kids' teeth but I HATE HATE HATE the dentist!   Everyone tells me I have such nice looking teeth....I don't understand why they look as good as they do because I only go to the dentist about once a decade because I have a tooth that needs to be pulled.  Well today I "put on my big girl panties" and had my first teeth cleaning.  Ok sorry if that grosses you out, but I'd never done it before and really had to use some calming breathing techniques to get through it.  I also have some gum loss and had to have antibiotics put in my gums at a few places.  But all in all for as little tooth care as I've had, my teeth were pretty good. 

Let me tell you why I have such a fear of the dentist....when I was a little girl back in Perry, we had only one dentist that I knew of...another one came when I was a teenager but ...by then I was scared!  Dr P was above the Old Emporium (our "everything" store)  and you had to get to his office by walking up the longest, steepest, staircase.  You'd go into a tiny office and sit and wait....then you'd be ushered back by his receptionist, our neighbor who was one of my good friend's mom.  Then you were in THE chair, terrified...I am not sure he even used Novocain or anything to take out teeth or to fill cavities.  It was awful!  It's funny I've reconnected with many childhood friends and we have all shared our TERROR of the dentist TO THIS DAY!   I've blocked out many memories of going there and for some reason it seemed my aunt was quite faithful to take me to the dentist.  Of course we didn't have fluoride or anything in the water.  I remember in school, all of us having to take fluoride in class and swill it around in our mouths and then spit it back in the cups.  Anyway I have such a phobia about dentists but going to our dentist with the kids has helped me.  We've been going there about 2 years before we took our kids to a pediatric dentist but he was too far and his waiting room was always total chaos so we switched to this family dental place, Bright Now Dentist  in Wesley Chapel.  I thought if I was taking the kids there, it would make me go, well it took awhile but I finally did go!   They've done so good with our kids and been so sweet to us that I just began to trust them.    Anyway I have sparkling clean teeth tonight and have conquered my fear (to some degree lol) 

Then Shad and me went to Sam's and bought all the fun frozen stuff.  It was nice to have time just with Shad and we had a blast.  I LOVE going to Sam's, my whole "Doomsday Preppers" personality wants to come through when I am there:) 

Tonight I came home and cooked a meal that I LOVE ~ Spinach Shells  I'd been craving that for months!  It's so good and easy

Box of big shells
frozen box of spinach ( or you can cook down fresh spinach- I do sometimes.  If I am using the          frozen kind I get the straight kind, not the kind that is creamed it's healthier)
bag of mozzarella cheese (i usually buy the fat free kind)
16 oz carton of ricotta cheese  (again usually the fat free if I can find it or reduced fat)
3 eggs ( egg beaters)
oregano  ( i probably use 2 or 3 tablespoons full I love it)
Parmesan cheese ( kraft reduced fat- 3 tables spoons)
pepper (as much as you want)
jar of Basil Pesto
olive oil

cook and drain the shells
combine all the ingredients except for the pesto and olive oil  I use the mixer, it's faster
spoon the mix into the shells
Spoon the pesto over the shells-it's thick so you might want to break it up with olive oil, I actually do about half and half. 
put in a big casserole dish and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees

ENJOY!  I did garlic bread and a salad with it ....YUM!!!!!!!!

This actually makes me two casserole dishes so you can freeze one or cook both.  Since Jon and me are the only ones who will really eat this in our house I usually freeze it.  the kids ate turkey sandwiches...silly kids!

Please keep praying for Selah....

The last two days I've woke up with a peace about things.  I'm beginning to enjoy Selah where she is at more than I mourn what she lost.  Thank you all for the prayers for me!   This is quite a journey, one I've never been on and one that is lonely.  Life's responsibilities weight on me heavy at times.  I don't know where things will end up with her recovery.  Someone asked in the comments "how will we know when she wakes up?"  Its really hard to explain.  I ask different doctors and get different answers.  Some say she is out of the coma and in a Persistent vegetative state and some say she is in a Minimally Conscious state (which is better than the PVS)  I don't know where the coma ends and the brain damage begins......  I had an idea of what a coma was before this, now I don't know!

BUT we will know her brain is repairing itself when she begins to do more things and make progress.  She had regressed so much while we were at the Rehab Hospital that I feel she is now just making up for the lost two months!  She is swallowing now throughout the day like she used to in NY, she is more responsive again like she was while in NY and much much calmer and has an easier time dealing with stress. 

I'd LOVE to see more Purposeful movement, eyes that always responded to a threat, much more SWALLOWING and a gag reflux!  Please pray for that for Selah!!!


  1. Praying for continued progress for Selah, and sending love and many prayers for all.

  2. Hm - bad small town dentist. teeth cleaning is not grossing us out as we have had it all our lives. Dentistry has changed a lot and is a lot more humane now - love that cinnamon flavored anesthetic pre-shot when you have work done. Now you can't even feel it.