Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 116 Fish Oil Study ~low oxygen stats

Please pray fro Selah her oxygen stats have been up and down all day which is unusual for her.  Her nurse even turned on the oxygen in her humidifier to be on the safe side.  She has no fever, and her secretions are thicker but not really bad.  I am about ready to call the ambulance but our nurse assures us that this is "ok" not great but not terribly dangerous either.  It is just different for Selah. 

As of today, we are not having regular night nursing.  We may have someone work a couple of nights a week but we have decided we want to just be a normal family  at home at night.  There comes a time when privacy is important and just the feel of normalcy.  So of course Selah decides to act up tonight!  I can't believe I don't want 24 hour nursing, but now that I've had no night nurses for 4 nights in a row, I found we like it better without anyone here.  I've learned to do everything for her and it feels good to be the one knowing what is going on and meeting her needs.  I might change my mind after tonight tho!!!!  

So please keep Selah in your prayers and pray that her oxygen levels stay normal all night long!  Thank you!!!!


  1. Praying for you and for Selah!

    And wow, I fully understand the desire to not have a night nurse if you feel like you can handle things yourself. Good choice!

  2. Maybe this is just a little "trick" of you know who to try to scare you. Just to try to trip you up & shake your confidence on the night shift. I dunno just a thought. Prayers are with you!!! You've got this Selah's Mommy I mean look around you do so much more then most of us can amagine. You were born for these kids, they needed YOU. You do a jam up job! You were created to be their Mom! God makes no mistakes! Best wishes...many prayers!!!

  3. You have come so far with your fear. I don't know you in real life but I am so proud of you. Little by little I've watched you grow and get stronger and more sure of yourself. You go Mama! Fist pumps all around!