Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 89 Fish Oil Study ~ Great pictures

You may look at this picture and not understand WHAT we are so excited about but look at Selah's legs!  I know she may look in a somewhat awkward position but she actually was very comfortable ( we can tell by her heart rate, and no grimaces)   It may look like she is somewhat sliding out of the beanbag chair but she is not.  Her legs are not sticking out straight!  We have sat her in things ( wheelchair, stroller, carseat and her legs have just stuck out straight like a piece of wood for hours with little to no change....NOT today!  She was so relaxed it is amazing to us and even to the nurses that have just met her.  She has changed since Tuesday!

Love it! She had been up for about 4 hours at this point and was getting tired.  But even tho she'd been up, that has never ever made a difference in her legs like this before.  I've seen it where it looked like her knees were going out the back of her leg ( think of the inside of your elbow-that's how badly her knees would bend backwards!)   And nothing seemed to help, you could sit her up and use heat and do range of motion and it did nothing or very very little.  If you notice the leg in the front, it looked like the leg of a child siting in a chair, nothing odd at all.. But even her left knee was relaxed and responding to gravity in a normal fashion.  This is wonderful!
And look at her arms and hands!  SOOOO relaxed!!!   AND this was at 4pm right BEFORE all her meds!  This is the time she is usually the stiffiest!!!!!!

After she was put to bed for the night LOOK at her arms and that is with NO splinting whatsoever and NO med changes!  It's amazing and we are soo thankful!
Selah had a wonderful day today.  She sat up for hours in her beanbag chair and just had a perfect heart rate and oxygen levels.  No issues and the tone is better than it has been since the accident!!!  We can do full range of motion on arms/hands and probably at 30-40% on her knees!  The ankles are still tight but we all are just thrilled with how well it is going with her tone!
My good friend Jean came over with all kids of goodies for the kids and us and we went and picked up pizza, went to Walmart and just laughed alot today.  This is Jon's regular day off so he was home with the kids this afternoon.  I came home to this wonderful news of how relaxed Selah's tone was this afternoon! 
We really don't know what to think, she has changed so much since she has come home, just three days ago!  We are grateful!  Hopefully we will get her therapy started next week, the nurses are all truly excited and want to be a part of it.  Everyone has such hope for her! 
Thank you for your prayers...  I guess I'm alot like David in the Psalms, down one day and up the next....
Please keep praying for our little Selah!


  1. I am so glad that things have been improving so much in her short time being back home...but I'm also not very surprised! I've heard it said time and time again that, especially with children, being back home speeds up recovery. It's one reason why hospital stays have shrunk over the past few decades. I'm very glad that this is the case for you as well!!! Prayers continue.

  2. Delighted to see these photos of Selah at home and starting to relax! Beautiful pictures. Praising God! And still praying!

  3. Oh, wow! That. Is. AWESOME! Go Selah! Yvonne, I wonder if her legs continue to relax more but the ankles still continue to be stiff, could that mean that her heel cords are tight? My daughter, Jackie, as you know has mild cerebral palsy affecting her right side. Her left foot was in that same position as Selah's left foot and no amount of physical therapy could get it to relax. Jackie was walking tiptoe on that foot while her right foot was at normal position. She was finally diagnosed with a tight heel cord and at age 23 months, she had surgery to release it. Her ankle has had great range of motion since then and she's 8 now. Selah looks so good, though. She just needed to be in her own home and surrounded by her family.

  4. I'm so impressed! The photos really show her progress. Offering many prayers for Selah and for all of you!
    How is Sarah doing with her fish oil?
    Sending lots of hugs along with the prayers. <3 <3

  5. I am sure she knows she is HOME, and the rest of you are home as well--all that "positive energy" has to affect her in a wonderful way :)

    I love her room, same colors as my daughter's :) (For now....I'll be redoing it when she goes off to college in the fall!)

    Your boys are true gems. My son is such a helper and has such a praying heart. You have raised your sons well to be so kind and so loving!

    Praying for healing, always xoxo

  6. I just love the pic of her in bed. She does truly look amazingly loose! So happy!

  7. Such BEAUTIFUL pictures! I'm SOO happy for you all that she is doing so well at home. It really makes sense now why she regressed so much in Jax. Prayers for you all!