Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 93 Fish Oil Study ~Things are great!

Selah asleep tonight LOOK at her hands!

Close up of her hands!
Selah had another wonderful day:)  She is doing picture perfect!  Her tone is remaining just like we like it in her upper body and is still good in her knees.  I took these pictures tonight of her relaxed and asleep.  This was how she was lying in her bed.  Her hands were loose and open.  The improvement is unbelievable!  Just think we were trying to put her hands/arms in splints to keep them from drawing up just  last week!  This is a HUGE change!!!!   Today we gave her a bath...interesting....(thank you all for the messages about helping with a bath chair!  A person offered her one that her child outgrew, so hopefully we'll be able to get that soon)  She was up all day, she went outside and was very content.  One of my "besties" came over and Selah showed off and swallowed for us:)
I had a really good day with my friend Kandi, she and I have spent hours upon hours walking thousands of miles together over the years and discussing the state of the world.   We logged up to 7 miles a day on our best days:)  Today was the first time we have been able to get together since all of this happened and it was quite emotional for me.  I cried off and on during the day.  Luckily my friend is a "crier" and she has always wanted me to be more emotional...LOLOL  she got her wish.  When I saw her I sobbed. We went by our kids' school (where the boys had gone for years) and I just bawled.  We went to the therapy office to pick up Sarah's walker and I cried...everything was a first and of course the last time I was at any of those places, Selah was with me.  Since I'm not much of a crier, it's a bit hard for me to understand all these tears but we were talking and maybe it's just having been gone from our familiar places for so long and having gone through so much, and then coming home and Life is NOT the same Life as we left ....has overwhelmed my emotions.  I don't know.  But I know not to waste any time on make up for now!  LOL
We picked up Sarah's walker and she loved it!
Go Sarah!

she loved it!
Sarah doesn't walk, she was kept tied down in bed so she never had the chance to learn but is is obvious she will walk one day.  She really enjoyed the trainer but will need some work to strengthen her legs.  She has come a long way from the day we met her. 
I think this picture is so funny, Sarah always looks so intently at faces.  And this is our oldest child and our youngest and you can see there is quite a span of years there:)
Thank you for your prayers PLEASE keep praying for Selah.  We really don't understand everything that is happening but it is all good.  Pray that she starts holding her head up more and swallowing more.  She really hasn't held her head up for any length of time since she has been home.  She also doesn't respond to visual threat all the time or if she responds, it is a delayed reaction.  visual threat is we put her fingers towards her eyes like we are going to poke out her eyes.  She should respond by closing her eyes every time) 
I want to tell you all how much I appreciate all your sweet messages.  I don't always respond to each one because it is somewhat hard to respond but I read every one (even the doubled ones lol)  and I thank you all!


  1. Just wondering what Steve is thinking for future 'done with high school' plans? Love the pic of him and Sarah!

    1. Crimainal Justice degree at St Leo's

  2. So happy to see the good photos and read the good news. Continuing in prayer! And wondering if she isn't holding up her head because she is relaxing so much, and maybe the strength to hold up her head (or interest in holding up her head?) will come back as she feels more and more settled, more at home?

  3. Beautiful hands Selah! And Sarah, I love your walker. Way to go and you keep up the hard work!

  4. Sweet hands, I love baby hands. I have so many pictures of my kids holding hands. Yay for her!!

  5. So happy to see both girls doing well. Love the purple/pink sheets!

  6. Love the new picture of the family. God is so good. God answers our prayers, one day at a time. I know I get impatient but His timing is not ours. Wonderful changes in Selah.
    P C

  7. These are lovely photos!
    I'm glad to know that you are crying. You have kept all of these feelings bottled up for so long, operating on adrenaline and in constant crisis mode. You finally have the time and comfort level to process all of these feelings, and truly need to do so in order to get ready to move on to the next phase of your life. Knowing that you are not a crier, this probably doesn't feel like progress to you...but it is. Sending love, prayers and lots of empathy, and reminding you that I am always available when you need a shoulder to cry on. Extra prayers for Selah, and love and prayers for all. xoxoxo from your friend in NJ.