Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 96 Fish OIl Study ~ First Doctor's appointment

Well we had a busy day today!   We started with Sam, Sarah and Selah having their Physical Therapy and Speech Evaluations this morning at home.  They had all had evaluations in July with this therapy group but since it was more than 6 months we had to redo them.  Sam has learned  new skills, he can walk up stairs and climb into his car seat:)  Sarah's legs/feet are in a much better position than they were before.  Her feet tended to point inward and she'd step on her feet if we tried to walk her.  She does that less now.  She got to walk in the gait trainer and had a good time.  She also responded well to the speech therapist and would indicate by clapping her hands that she wanted to continue playing! 

Miss Selah did really good!  She was evaluated from head to toe by the physical therapist.  The PT was able to get full range of motion in her arms/elbows/hands and wrists.  One shoulder was slightly tighter than the other.  We woke Selah up and without even the benefit of being up and letting gravity help her knees to bend, the PT was easily able to bend her knees and get 40% range of motion.  She also was able to get some range of motion in her ankles.  If she had had the evaluation in the afternoon, we are sure her ROM would have been higher but that is higher than anyone has gotten since NY (I"m not even sure that they got that kind of ROM in NY.  It will be interesting to read the report as I was in and out with all the little ones. 

We had ordered a wheelchair but the company never sent it so we cancelled the order and will do one with the therapist's help so we can get exactly the one she needs.  We are using a loaner one and it is not very comfy for her nor does it give her the right kind of head control.

Then it was off for another ambulance ride.  Her nurse and I both went.  We had the nicest EMTs again.  We seem to get lucky with really sweet folks.  When we got to the gastro's office we were told it would be over an hour wait!  She was on a stretcher, then the EMTs weren't allowed to stay that long so we were sitting in a hall with her because we were afraid to go in the waiting room, afraid she'd get sick.  The nurse and I both were getting a little ticked off, usually according to the nurse and the EMTs most doctors will take into account the child's situation and the the fact they are there on an ambulance...  Finally we went in and I have to say we both liked the doctor.  He had some great ideas and spent some time with us.  We were thinking they were going to make us wait for a 5 minute appointment but it wasn't like that. 

Selah has gained 13 pounds since the accident.  That is alot of weight in less than 6 months.  While we are glad she has had NO issues with her feeding....but she can't continue to gain at that pace!  The doctor was able to give us some samples of a formula that is more plant based with veggies being a big part of it.  He also is one of the few doctors who are all for the family blending their own food and giving it to the child.  She'd have to have a much bigger gtube button as she is on the smallest one and that would involve a small surgery but it is probably something we'll do in the next few months.  So we liked his innovative ideas alot and it was worth the wait.  Next time tho' they will schedule us first thing or right after lunch so there won't be any waiting.

Over the years we've been so blessed to have special folks who worked with Sam.  He had the best ever speech teacher that we all loved.  I prayed that Selah would be surrounded by folks who just adored her like that and I have to say our 4 regular nurses do, especially the one who works most day shifts.  She is so into Selah and wanting to meet her needs and help her to reach her full potential.  It means so very much to us!  You have no idea what a blessing this lady is!  I thank God for her and for all of them!!

So a long day for all of us...

Then I came home and cooked a Mexican pot pie:)  It was so good and easy!

a pound of meat ( I used low fat turkey- 1 gram of fat)
a can of Ro-tel tomatoes with chiles
package of Taco seasoning

brown the meat and add the seasoning and tomatoes, cook well

Line a casserole dish with the big pastry sheets (i used the pepperidge farms sheets or you can use a pie shell)
Put the cooked mixture on the sheet, sprinkle a handful of Mexican cheese on it and cover with the other pastry sheet ( or 2nd pie shell)
Cook on 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until light brown on top...

serve with Yellow rice and salsa and corn

You can put corn or black beans in the mix but some of my kids wouldn't eat that....

I served it with angel food cake ( from Publix lol) and fresh strawberries and felt like Martha Stewart!!!!

Very productive day!  Even for Steve:)

Steve  got his school books yesterday and got started on his schoolwork.  He will be working weekends and through the summer.  This is not even all of his books, some were left out and we are waiting for them.  Shad's books came into their school and we'll pick them up on Monday. 


  1. What curriculum is that? I don't think I've seen it before. Looks fun.

    1. it's ACE where kids work at their own pace. It's the one their school uses

  2. Sounds like you had a productive day! That's great Selah's ROM is so good.

    Yay for "Box Day" for Steve! That's what we call it when our fun box of books comes from Sonlight. :-)

  3. I am glad you are finding the right caregivers for Selah! I'm so happy Selah is doing well :)

    That recipe sounds delicious--thank you!! We'll have to try that (my kids will eat practically anything we call Mexican lol).

    Go Steve!! I know how smart he must be to be doing all that work. All that work will pay off! I know how proud you are of all your kids--rightly so :)

    Praying always xoxo

  4. My question is, where do you store your Wonderwoman Cape? I have 2 kids, not special needs, and I now am taking cooking advice from you. Maybe you can come give me lessons on keeping it all together?!?! :)

  5. Ok, I have 2 children with great development when I started giving them nutritional supplements but of course I have some doctors who advised me with it. Can I ask a question because I've been reading several articles about fish oil and when it is compared with a krill oil especially with Dr. Mercola's product? I mean how long have you been using this fish oil?