Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 97 Fish Oil Study

Selah had a good day again.  Starting last night, she has seemed more active.  "She is moving her head around more and seeming to pay attention more.  Our Sat/Sun nurse hadn't seen her since last weekend and he immediately commented on the change!  YEAH!  I love to hear things like that!    At the same time she seems a bit more agitated.  But that is not a bad thing in reading over coma recovery.  Her heart rate has just stayed up a little higher than normal. 

He suggested getting her a mobile (like you put over a crib) I went and got one but it won't fit the railing on the hospital bed.  I also got a "princess" chair for her that gives her back support but makes her hold her head up more.  I'll take pictures tomorrow. 

I went for a massage today and to the library (my favorite place in the world!)  I love libraries.  For me a Nook or a Kindle will NEVER be the same as a book.  I have no desire for any of those new fangled things LOL  Give me a good book and leave me alone and I"m happy!

So a quick update tonight, more tomorrow and hopefully some more pictures!

Please keep praying for Selah, we feel like we are seeing glimpses of SELAH again.  That was gone during the time we were at the rehab.  She went back inside herself but now she is home, there are so many little changes.  She has remained flexible although tonight she is tighter and seems mad but it is in her arms which have had full range of motion so I'm not too worried, I think she is just upset some. 

The lady who did my massage is coming next week to do one for Selah if it is ok with the doctor.  I think that will be good for her. 


  1. I'm glad you took some time for yourself. :-) It sounds as if Selah is really doing well. Sending love and prayers to all of you.

  2. My crib would never hold mobiles, just the way it was built. So, I hung a hook above the crib, like a ceiling one for plants, $2 or less at the hardware store, and attached the mobile to a chain and the chain to the hook. I covered it with plastic vines (and flowers for my girl). You can adjust it to any height, and it works great!!