Monday, February 11, 2013

Selah update

Selah is in the ICU.  She is stable now.  they did xrays and she did not aspirate into her lungs which is a miracle with all the throwing up she did!    Still no answer to what caused all the throwing up.  They ran a bunch of tests and we ae still waiting to hear what they think is going on.

She is on IVs and has had a wet diaper so that is good.  Jon said she slept with one eye opened last night LOL  THAT is Selah!  She did that whenever she was in a new circumstance:)  She did it the first night with us.  To me that shows the spark of Selah:)

Her oxygen level is good but her heart rate is still high.  She has not had all her meds which is bothering me.  Jon is with her and he is asking for the doctor now to get that all figured out.

On top of everything last night some guy comes up to our fence and started yelling. He seemed to be asking how far to town.  We have a BIG dog so the guy wouldn't come in the fence We live out in the country.  I have no idea what was going on with him but I called the cops (and several neighbors- they all like to target practice around here!!)  .  And I got out my trusty pistol!  Made me feel alot better.  I'll tell you a secret I'm an absolute fraidy cat at night if I'm by myself!  I think it's because I'm such a sound sleeper and I have this fear of waking up with someone in the house.  I'm so brave when I'm up  but not at night.  So this is the first time I've been the only adult in my house at night. It helps that Steve is bigger than me LOL  This was one night I let them stay up and play video games LOL 

I'm so glad for my husband going over with her.  I feel at the end of myself and just didn't think I could handle being at the hospital with her without someone going to jail....   I hate to say it but I knew that it would be like this....a bunch of different doctors saying different things. not continuity of very different than Strongs.  I'm a Southerner but I can tell you that health care in Florida is not the same kind of health care you will get up north (for the most part)   I'm not saying there are not bad situations other places but Florida is not a place you want to be sick in.  We learned that with Sam.  Now we have doctors we trust here but once you go to the hospital, who knows what will happen.  We saw such difference in NY and that's why we made the sacrifice to go up to NY for all of Sam's follow up care for his eyes, there was such a difference over all.  Not just is our doctor amazing but the whole team approach was so good and reassuring.  Just talking to my husband on the phone made me angry that they hadn't yet addressed her high heart rate issue.  The nurse said that her meds can't be given through the gtube with her being sick....DUH!  But I said they needed to call pharmacy and get the same type of meds (different names) that can be given in the IV....not rocket science......  She said the doctor didn't want to change the meds she has been given.....I have a call into him right now.   She was on meds after the accident (before the gtube) for these issues and I know that she can be given them by IV.  So annoying.....  Health care needs to be about the patient and meeting the patent's needs and dealing with the underlying issues.  I'm worried that Selah will start storming like she did last night. 

Please keep Selah in your prayers.  She has been so stable, I really feel this all has to do with the whole gtube issue from last week.  She may have a little bug none of us are sick, she hasn't been around anyone other than we went to the doctor's office but we stayed in a hallway with her and she stayed on her gurney or wheelchair.  They didn't even move her onto their gurney in the exam room.  I don't even think a child passed by her and certainly no one touched or.  So since she has had little exposure to anyone, I think it comes back to the gtube......which makes me upset that she had to endure anything else! 


  1. I prayed through much of the night. Glad to know she didn't aspirate, as I was really worried about that. I'm praying that her issues will be resolved, and that she will return home soon with minimal trauma.
    I'm also praying for strength and endurance for you and Jon as you deal with all of this.
    Love and many prayers for all. Looking forward to your next update.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Selah's trip to ICU. I am an RN and as I read your description of the "dark, gritty" substance coming out of her mouth the first thing I thought of was blood from the stomach. Typically blood from the stomach is described as coffee-ground emesis (vomit).
    This begs the question if when her gtube was reinserted her stomach lining was compromised and hence the bleeding. The blood looks likes coffee grounds because of the action of the stomach acid....just a thought!

  3. Have they ruled out a bowel obstruction? When I worked at a group home, one of the residents started throwing up what looked like coffee grounds. She ended up having a bowel obstruction and needed surgery. I pray they find out what's wrong soon!!

  4. Just want you to know I'm praying for you and Selah.