Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Update on Selah ~ thoughts on "The Boy From Baby House #10"

Selah has improved.  She is holding down her meds and they will be starting her feeds tonight.  This morning Sarah had a dental appointment right near St Joe's.  Her appointment went good and she has no cavities, the pain she seems to be experiencing is her 6 year old molars coming in right on schedule:)   The dentist was amazed at her teeth as they are in much better shape than most children adopted from overseas. 

We then went and saw Selah and picked Jon up.  He needed to go into work today.  She was calm, asleep and had perfect stats!  It's hard for me that one of us can't be there most of the time but she is in the regular pod and her room is just a few feet away from the nurses' station.  The plan is for her to be given the feeds slowly to make sure everything is ok.  She did not test positive for anything at all and none of us are sick.  The doctor I spoke to earlier feels she did have a small tear in her stomach, but she felt it was from all the gagging she did, not that the tear caused all the throwing up....  I don't know but it seems like too big of a coincidence that it happened when her gtube was messed with....it's so frustrating!

The doctors and nurses have called several times today to ask questions and i liked that!  She had a small storming episode and I think it's because she hasn't had her fish oil since Saturday. 

She is expected to come home in the next few days.  We are spread thin at this point as Jon really needs to be at work and I'm not comfortable leaving the kids for hours at a time.  We are going to go up there every day as much as possible.  Today's visit  went good, there was a volunteer singing in the lobby and that kept Sam and Sarah 100% occupied!  Steve and Shad have dentist appointments on Thursday, poor Steve hasn't had his braces adjusted since early August.  I'm sure he will need to wear them longer. 

Last night I reread the book "The Boy From Baby House # 10"  It is a book about a boy with CP who is left in a baby house from hell in Moscow.  Things get worse as he is transferred at 4 years of age to the "internat" what many Eastern Europe countries call "adult mental institutions"   He and some people who miraculously came into his life tell his story.  It is shocking.  I read this book a few years ago never knowing I'd adopt two daughters from an "internat"  Ukraine's government is set up almost similar to Russia's as it was of course a part of the USSR for many decades.  It still runs that way.  The book just grabs me, if Sarah and Selah could talk, some of these stories and experiences would certainly be theirs also. 

The only thing that really bothered me in the book is how many times it is expressed that this child should not have gone there because he had "normal" mental abilities.  Of course they are not saying any child should be there but...they keep stressing how different he was compared to the others and that bothers me!  I don't think any child or adult should be in those horrible situations!  I know the author ddn't mean that either but it just came across a little bit like that. 

But all in all, I encourage you to read this.  It's real, believe me it is real.  I've stayed quiet publicly about many of the things I saw when we were there visiting the girls.  It was rough.  But I do take into account the poorness of the community. I never got the impression that anyone was being mean, just not involved or interested and "this was how things were done"   Believe me I got angry, very angry at times....  Things have changed, all the little ones like Sarah and Selah have been moved to orphanages instead of living in the same facility as adults.  Are the orphanages any better?  I don't know....it is a hard situation....  the best thing is to adopt these kids out of the situation!!!!

Look at little Sasha, adopted one year ago...see the difference???  This is a real child, a year ago he was in the "internat" dying....
he is included in this video of a real orphange  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cs42-5HnQRQ
watch it if you dare to be challenged.
This all is real folks, you can't shut your eyes to it. 
Listen on the day we stand before God, I believe He will ask us what we did for "the least of them"   He won't say "Well that's ok, that was the Clantons's calling...."   He won't tell you that James 1:27 doesn't apply to you also as a Christian!    I've actually had people tell me that orphans were "our calling" "our ministry"...ummm the last time I checked in the many scriptures that talk about orphan care in the Bible not one time did it say "this is for the Clantons only"  Nope....not seeing that!
I'm not saying everyone has to adopt, some children are unadoptable for legal reasons but we can be involved in many many ways.  But the thing is we should be involved!  You can adopt, you can give to other families that are adopting, you can give to ministries that help orphans I know of one I recommend http://www.life2orphans.org/cms/ their website is a bit outdated but I know what they are doing first hand and it is wonderful.   The thing is, do as much as you can!!!!
Should God heal Selah, we would adopt again.  How could we not?  We had planned to possibly start the process to adopt three children we met while in Ukraine.  Then the accident happened and of course we can not do that now.  One of the children we felt drawn to, just got adopted today!  We are so thankful that he has a family!!!  Now there are two others who need famileis!!!
this is Sally....I loved her from the second I saw her tied to her bed around the waist.  She is 8 yrs old an the size of a 2 yr old

this is Silas  he loved Jon and went right to him if he was brought out.  this picture doesn't do him justice.  he was such a sweet boy.
So these two children who touched our hearts are still waiting for families...we may never be able to go back for them.  Will you pray that a family will come forward?  As much as I'd love for them to be in our family, I know at this time it's not possible and I'd love to see them adopted.
Thank you for your prayers for Selah also!


  1. thank you for sharing these children's stories!

    Praying for Selah.

  2. Praying for all children in such dire straits. I'm glad to see that Selah continues to improve! Love and prayers to all.

  3. Yvonne will you please email me at burmanshelly@yahoo.com
    It's very important!!

  4. beautiful kids and so amazing to think about the beautiful gift of adoption.


  5. Praying Selah gets home ASAP!

    Thanks for the review of the book. I haven't read it yet, but having 2 kids w/ Ds, that same thing would have bothered me too about the mental abilities.

    And thanks for posting about Sally again. Praying for her family to come forward!

  6. I watched that video last night and then came back onto your blog to see what little boy was in the video and I can NOT believe that is Sasha!!! I fell in love with him watching that video and I was so happy to hear at the end that he was adopted but to see THIS picture! WOW! Thank you for sharing. That video stole my heart!