Friday, March 15, 2013

Cast change ~ good news

We got up really early this morning after being up off and on all night to ensure Selah had all her meds.  Selah had her casts changed.  Before the procedure I talked to our Doctor about how uncomfortable she has been and was a bit discouraged.  He thought she might be having such muscle cramps that her legs/feet will go right back to the state they were in before the surgery.  However after he came out he was pleased with her response.  He said that things were really good and he didn't see any muscle spasms.  Her legs/ankles/feet had really good range of motion.  She was healed up and her skin was great under the casts!   Of course she was under anesthesia so she was not fighting him any but things could have been alot worse.  She was fitted for AFOs, soft braces to wear during the day and a pair to wear at night.  She won't be required to wear them 24 hours a day but probably at least 20 hours a day to keep things nice and in place.  I saw the casts for the AFOs and it looked like casts of a "normal" foot/leg:)   She will get her casts off for good on April 1st!!!  I can NOT wait!  I'm sure she will be glad too!  The new casts are PURPLE!  They have to match her Easter dress:)

The doctor suggested going up on the Valium for the next two weeks to help keep her calm.  She has been calm today despite the early morning trip to Tampa and all she has gone through. 

I have to say I really like St Joe's, it's a good hospital and we have been treated very well there.  I'm glad we made the choice to keep all her specialists there at St Joe's rather than All Children's.   Every time we are there, some staff just seems to go out of their way to express kindness to us.  I really appreciate that.  Today several staff members were just so helpful and kind.  The nurse who checked us out, found a box that I could put under Selah's feet in the car to keep her more comfy:) 

We have decided that we are going to start looking for a handicapped van, one of the bigger kinds with a lift.  It is so hard to get her into a car seat and so upsetting for her.  Please pray that I'll be able to find some organization that helps with things like that!  I'm also going to research more in to HBOT, (thanks for all the info that was in some remarks back a few posts!  I'm using all that info!  Thanks!)  Those are the two things I'm going to look into for her. 

Thanks for your prayers today, things couldn't have gone any more smoother!  Please pray that she will be comfy tonight so I can get some sleep.  I am exhausted!!!!  This afternoon I went outside to read wile sitting on our outdoor thing I knew I was sleeping on it!  We had beautiful weather today and it was nice to sleep outside!

  Also please pray for one of our day nurses, I was told she had a car accident today.  She is only here once a week but we like her so much. 


  1. Prayers for Selah, your family, and your entire treatment team, including your day nurse. So glad to read that the cast removal went well, and that she is healing.

  2. Yvonne, my daughter's physical therapist had an adapted van and lift for her severely disabled daughter. Unfortunately, the company does not have locations in Florida and the closest one is in TN or possibly MS. The therapist, Julie, shared that many of the major car manufacturers also offer rebates on vehicles that have to be adapted. So, if your family decides on a brand new vehicle, please make sure to call the manufacturer to inquire about this rebate. United Access is the company who adapted Julie's van. The website is If you call, they may be able to direct you to another company in Florida.

  3. How wonderful the day went so well and her feet looked good. Praying she sleeps tonight!