Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 118 FOS

Selah kicked my butt this morning!  She woke us up at 4:30 am by having some high heart rates   It would go up to 140 (where the monitor is set) and then go back down to the 120's.  This went on for awhile.  I changed her and then had to change her again.  I finally gave her some Valium and gave her her Blood Pressure meds a bit earlier (with in the acceptable time frame)  It did not seem to make a difference.  Her BP was ok but the heart rates continued.  Our day nurse got here at 8 am and then she has behaved all day LOL  Her heart rate has been up some in the 110's and low 120's.  He only sees Selah on the weekend and he feels every weekend she is more alert.  Today she really moved her head and even seemed to make purposeful touch on a stuffed cat.  I tried to get a video but missed it.  Any noise makes her jump, so I think it is a good's a new thing at least....

Sometimes it is hard to tell what is good or what might indicate something going on.  If her heart rate is up due to her being more awake, then that is a great thing.  If it is because she is in pain somewhere, that is not good....  She certainly is busy looking around and will catch my eye, hold it for a few seconds and then turn her eyes and head away.  That is what Selah did BEFORE the accident.

You may not know but when we were told about her, we were told she was blind.  We didn't think so even in the pictures, not just because her eyes were normal looking but because she was looking into the camera.  Look at our pictures, how many pictures of Sam or Sarah do I have with them looking at the camera?  It is RARE.   When we met her we knew immediately she was not blind but there was something "off"  We feel now that "something" was institutional autism.  So for her to catch my eye and look away...that IS Selah!   She has done it for awhile with us but she is doing it more with others now. 

Florida is COLD tonight!!!  BRRRR!   I'm covering up all my plants.  Did you hear about the man swallowed by a sinkhole in his home?  CRAZY story happened less than 30 miles from our home.  Florida has lots of sinkholes, some are small, some fill up with water and people swim in them but this is unbelievable!   Evidently it opened up under his bedroom and it hasn't swallowed the whole house yet. 

It reminded me of a story my aunt told me.  Back around WWII she knew a man who was riding his horse in the Gainseville Fl area and the ground opened up under their feet and swallowed both of them.  That story freaked me out for years....and now this!  YIKES!   Sinkholes are not like quicksand or bogs, they are just cracks in the earth and the dirt that is swallowed by the hole is what kills the person.  Living  near a swamp, with all kinds of limestone caverns under our area, makes me a bit nervous now.  Usually it just makes a home unsafe but this story is something nightmares are made of!!  Here is a link for a family who is desperately trying to raise funds to go and get their son who has Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) a very rare and life threatening disease.  This family has had some finaical setbacks in their journey to try and quickly go get him.  They have USCIS approval so I believe that means they are just waiting on a travel date but they need some help.  They have wonderful resources to help him ONCE they get him home but need help in getting him home.  If you can give, even if it were just a dollar, it would help this family!  Thank you and I know this family would appreciate it...and I know this little guy would appreciate it!

Thank you for your prayers for our family and the others that I bring to your attention.  Thank you for giving to these special kids when and if you can also.  And thank you for praying for Selah.......wouldn't it be wonderful if we had an Easter Miracle? 


  1. Love & Prayers for your beautiful family continue from Fort Myers!!! Love you Ivonne!! Karrie & Paul, Aimee, Bridger and Gates Rudd: )

  2. An Easter miracle would be AMAZING! It is so wonderful to hear how much she has regained since getting home!

    Has her vision been tested? I agree with you--I think she can see but maybe her vision isn't 100%? I have that picture of her sucking her thumb in my head and heart. So sweet.

    Yeah that sinkhole is SCARY! My family has property and a few *very tiny* holes have opened up. But I remember back in the 80's when the sinkhole opened up in Winter Park and ate a car dealership (expensive ones I think). And then several years ago, a sinkhole opened up just down the road from us--and swallowed a hole LAKE. Bizarre. You could drive near there and smell the fish kill (it even swallowed up gators). But what a tragedy for that man's family.

    Stay warm! We're having our annual chili & cornbread lol.