Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 119 Fish OIl Study ~ One less orphan in the world tonight!

This morning Selah woke up at 4:30 am with a higher than normal heart rate.  I changed her and checked her BP and it was high so I had to give her her medicine early again!  We have no idea what is going on other than she seems really alot more alert overall.  She did great all day, went to church with us and was up all day.  She is sleeping with perfect numbers right now, we'll see how she does when I go to give her meds and change her tonight.

It's a cold day in Florida, I guess this is our last little cold snap and then we'll be back to summer:)  I'm covering all my plants up again just to be safe.

Tomorrow we have an early appointment with ENT who is following Selah's trach situation.  I am really hoping to get a good lead on a speech pathologist who can help work her off her trach.  All her nurses remark to me they see her swallowing more.  Just today sitting in her room for about 20 minutes, I saw her swallow 3 times.  We are thrilled that that is coming back again.  She has to be able to swallow her secretions to get off the trach.  She is only on the trach because she is not swallowing enough to be able to handle the secretions and she would get pneumonia from getting that in her lungs.  We've been told about electrical stimulation that can be done to her throat/neck that can encourage her to swallow again normally.  I hope we can get all that set up tomorrow.

We had a scare this morning!  Selah's Gtube came out and the little balloon that holds it in place inside is blown to bits!  Luckily we had kept the old tubing and our nurse was able to get it inside her in time.  It's the craziest thing, the doctor ordered us one and a spare BUT insurance won't pay for you to have but one at a time which can often mean you have to take your child to the hospital if something like this happens.  We can't get the replacement till Tuesday and I'm ordering a spare and paying for it myself!  Talk about stupid insurance moves, don't pay for a child to have an extra one at home, so you'll be billed for the ambulance ride and trip to the ER....  Some folks are able to get an extra one from their doctor or hospital or they order one a month even if they dont' need it...for cases like this.   We are hoping the old one hold out till Tuesday!!  

So this will be a busy busy week....with an appointment tomorrow and surgery on Tuesday.  We're not sure how we are going to figure out the logistics for the surgery, we don't have the time yet but I'm sure it will be early.  Our nurse can't go since she will be admitted as a patient even if she ends up coming home that night.  We had hoped that Jon wouldn't have to miss work, so I may just take her by myself....eek!  I'm getting braver but......we'll see, we'll have to figure it out tomorrow. 


Last night this little Issac from the girls institution made it home to America with his new family and became an American citizen:)   HE was one of the children that we thought we might be able to go back and bring home....that was not to be for us but we are eternally grateful that his life is changed and that he has the love of a family!   These pictures were taken on the 2nd story "porch" of the mental institution.  He had not gone outside since he came there but could go out and play on the old toys some.  He did have a wonderful caregiver from Life 2 Orphans that  obviously cared very much for him and urged us to find him a family ....well the family found him!  Thank God one less orphan in the world tonight!  Thank you to his family for allowing me to share his pictures.

Please pray for us as this new week starts, pray that Selah will do fine in surgery and not be too uncomfortable afterwards. 

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  1. Praise God that precious Issac has a family!! I pray often for those forgotten babies to find their forever homes. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful update!