Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 125 Fish Oil study

Selah had a good night and today has been great.  She is obviously uncomfortable if she is moved around much but she sat up some in her chair and she sat in the new wheelchair some.  I will take pictures tomorrow.  She is really calm, of course she is on some stronger pain meds. 

We've been working outside all day.  Steve and Shad did a good job.  Steve and a guy from our church mowed the yard.  Then the boys mulched all of the church flower beds.  They also worked some on our garden and now we've just finished cleaning the church. 

I'm feeling like life is overwhelming again as I have so many things "to do"  Every time I start something I get interrupted a hundred times and then I am too overwhelmed to finish....  I HATE being like this!!!!  It's not me and I know it is a sign of stress.  I have a big bag of letters/paperwork to do, coupled with the things I do for the church, cleaning my house and trying to be organized as much as possible is just freaking me out at this point.  It's like everything has 25 steps to do to finish it..... I NEED help!  But then again most of the things, I can only do myself.....but there are some things I going to start asking for help with, like things at the church.   There are so many things I need to get done in the next week or so.....

Thanks for your prayers for Selah....please continue praying that she will stay comfortable as she heals. 

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  1. Wish I lived closer...I'd love to meet you--and then get to work for you! :) However, I am from the central New York area, so...I will continue praying for you!