Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 126 Fish Oil study Pictures:)

Selah in her new bed!  She had a rough night, just seemed to be in pain or agaited with the casts from about 3 am on.  The nurse got her up this morning and she stayed up in her wheelchair for about 2 hours but started making her "I don't like face" in church so she went home and was happy and calm once she got back in bed.  I know the next three weeks are going to be hard for her with the casts.  She hated shoes, I can't imagine how she feels about the casts.  We have to keep her moving some but it's hard when she gets upset. 
This is Selah last night before she got upset.  Could she be any cuter?  I think she is just such a sweet doll.  We actually worked with her with a pacifier yesterday and today.  She did hold it in her mouth some.  At one point we thought she might have sucked on it, but we are working on it as it seems to strengthen her tongue muscles just having it in her mouth.   We will try anything to encourage her in any area!  I have NEVER bought a pacifier for any of my kids so I didn't even know what kind to buy.  There are actually ones made for kids up to 3 years old....geez!  Well now I have bought one and hopefully it will encourage sucking/swallowing:) 

Steve put Sarah in a box yesterday and we wrote on it From: Ukraine:)   She loved being in the box!


Look at her sweet smile!  Sarah smiles so much.  She just loves our attention.  What we are noticing is she really only wants me, Jon or sometimes Steve.  She has no issues with correct attachment to her family.  Sometimes I think maybe just maybe she had a good caregiver, someone who loved her when she was in the baby house.  She was not treated very good at the institution and her caregiver could hardly stand to touch her.  I don't know how Sarah turned out so very normal emotionally....yes she is mentally and physically delayed but emotionally she is so very normal.  It's a mystery to us how she escaped from hell with so few scars on her emotions.  Sarah is not even as tactile defensive as our biological son Sam.  It took years of therapy and me working with him before he could tolerate much touch and obviously he was with us since birth.  Most kids who are blind are very tactile defensive, but not Ms Sarah!   Selah did not escape emotionally untouched.  .  She has been diagnosed with institutional autism, prior to the accident.  Selah escaped away in her mind....She was just starting some healing when the accident happened.  I think Sarah was just on the edge of becoming like that when we came.  She was very weak physically and had not been given any time out of bed.  The first few days she didn't want much touch, after that she was all about us holding her.  She would just lay in my arms and try to focus on my face with her little eye.  There were a few days we couldn't go in and see them and Sarah would be mad the next time we came.  I truly believe that in her own little way she cried out to God and God worked in supernatural ways to have me see her picture and then be so moved that I couldn't sleep.  Sometimes she makes these Sweet little happy sighs when I'm holding her and it just makes me want to cry, knowing some  of the things she endured for all those years.....

Sarah after church today with Ziggy.  He and his wife Anita have an amazing story of fleeing East Germany in the 1960's!   We love having them down during the winter and we love to hear them sing:)  They are my favorite East Germans/West Germans/Canadians/ Snowbirds!! 
Please keep praying for Selah she still has 3 weeks left to be in casts.  I really don't think she is in alot of pain as much as the casts just bother her.  I had three foot surgeries last summer and one that was very deep to relieve nerve pain (too much walking)  after the surgery, I had very little pain.  Her surgery was more surface level, so that's why we think it is just the casts based on my pain level.  I hope that is it at least.  It hurts me to see her upset but I am so very thankful that I can tell when she is upset.  She makes a FACE and even will cry sometimes.  I'm thankful that she can show all that emotion. 

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  1. I love seeing picture of all of your kids! They look so happy & loved! Blessings to all of you! Thanks for sharing :)