Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 127 FOS ~ What happened to my mind??

Selah had a good night and has had a really good day today.  Maybe she is in less pain or is getting used to the casts.  She had PT this morning and had no issues.  The therapist was even able to get her on her tummy with the help of some pillows.  She seems really relaxed.  Her nurse took her outside for awhile this morning also.

Sam and Sarah also had therapy, which they both loved.  You could work with them all day they'd be happy.

Shad and Steve had a Science project, the garden:)  Oh I love homeschool:) LOL  I really think they learn alot in doing work in the garden.  They learn character traits as well as actual real stuff that they can use all their lives.  I'm all about being as self sufficient as possible.  I think everyone should have some sort of garden.  It's a great thing to walk out your door and gather veggies and herbs for dinner!  We still have lots of work to do to get the garden back and ready for spring.  Believe it or not I have collard plants from last summer still growing.  I cut them down and cooked two big pots of collard greens.  Also after TWO years I actually have some asparagus growing!!!  The plant takes two years before it produces.  I can't believe it actually has some growing when you factor in how long we were gone last year and the garden didn't get alot of attention.  I LOVE gardening!!!!!  (btw, do NOT worry- the boys have REAL curriculum that they follow!  I'm not unschooling them, not at all!!)

So a good productive day.  I even cooked the filling for my Italian Pie just got to put it in the pie shell and pop it in the oven for supper.  I'm still so far behind on things I need to do, I had my current ADD way of doing things....I'm all about doing something, then a new thing pops and I'm focused on that for the moment and forget about the first task!  I'm driving myself BATTY!   I have no idea how to even focus at this point in my life...I often wonder am I the same person who got a dossier together in just a few days?  REALLY?  Who took over my brain?  I have a GIANT bag of paperwork to work on....I have a file cabinet to work on....oh my gosh there is so much to do....Each step requires a hundred little steps and that is what stops me.  I can never get through all the steps.  When I say I have NEVER been like this.....I have never been like this!  Right before we left for Ukraine last year, I got a big "brain freeze" I couldn't pack or do the day to day stuff I needed to do.  I thought that was bad and unlike me, THIS is one hundred times worse.....  I have no idea what is going to happen to get me through this.  It's like being paralyzed.  I'm trying to do some of the "outer edge" stuff like work on my garden, clean out the bathroom shelves ( I told you I have a real problem)  so maybe I'll feel like something is in order, so I can move on to real stuff that needs to be done.....  I don't know.....  Again that minor in Psychology /Pastoral Counseling comes in again.  I'm really good at diagnosing myself, wish I could bill my insurance LOL

Please continue to pray for Selah.  I was giving her kisses today and she turned her head towards me:)  I don't think we're going to see alot of new things till she is off the extra meds and her casts are off but I'm ready for some things!

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  1. Glad to hear Selah is doing well and the other kids enjoyed therapy today. Continuing to pray for you all. Love the science project for today. :-) You are getting this homeschooling thing down no problem at all.

    If you've never heard of her, I wanted to mention "Flylady" to you. I think her site is Go check her out. She might be able to help you through this disorganization of your brain right now. :) You may only need her for awhile until you get through this as I think you are one of those "B.O." people - Born Organized. But your circumstances have changed. Just throwin' it out there for you. She and her methods have helped me immensely and I REALLY need to get back to the basics here too.