Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 128 FOS

This is feeling alot like Ground Hog day the movie.  While Selah is in the casts our days/nights are filled with keeping her comfy.  She had PT today but had a tiny bruise by her gtube with a tiny cut in there.  Maybe she did too much yesterday in PT although she didn't seem stressed by it.  I did buy her a manual BP machine that is made for children.  I actually learned how to work it:)  I swear I'm going to be a nurse before this is all done

Some friends called me this morning and invited me to  breakfast...that was nice and a mood lifter even if I did cry some....I've turned into Ms Waterworks now.  My emotions are just so raw right now. 

Shad and Steve cleaning out my square foot garden beds
my giant collard greens!  Despite little care they are still huge!  I cut some of the others down yesterday and cooked them

 Look in the very middle of the picture that is an asparagus coming up out of the ground that took 2 years to grow!
Steve and Shad hard at work


The boys helped me by finsihing cleaning out the garden for me.  I bought a few more plants and some bulbs (potatoes and onions)  Today was a great day for the garden rainy and overcast.  Perfect for the plants I got in yesterday.  Wish I could have gotten more plants in but had to get some more garden dirt for the garden.  I really love having a garden!  I can't explain why but it is just fun and relaxing to me.   Square foot garden or box gardening is so easy.  I also do the container gardens too and lots of hanging up plants. 

Please keep praying for Selah!  She will probably have her casts changed this Friday I hope it won't be too hard on her.  Lookiing forward to the casts coming off for good...3 more weeks!


  1. Oh to be able to have fresh vegetables from my garden right now...we just got more snow today! Those collard greens look delicious. Can't wait for summer to expand my garden.

  2. Love your gardens! We're going to plan ours out....Hopefully by next year we'll be in business (longer for the asparagus though). My kids definitely have the gardening green thumbs--my daughter volunteers with the city nursery and is always bringing home interesting plants.

    I love flowering plants myself.

    Praying for Selah as always.....I've been spreading the word about the fish oil!