Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 139 fish Oil study

Selah had another good day.  She was up alot and her numbers are great.  We are all excited and we have HOPE that this HBOT may help her some! I also am working on getting her into speech therapy with someone who is used to working children off traches.  I spoke to a nice lady today and she is setting some things in to motion.   Between prayer, fish oil, therapy and HBOT...we are ready to see some results!  I did alot of phone tag as we are setting up the HBOT and doing some other things too.  I also started crazy spring cleaning at my house:)  Actually all the bedrooms are completely cleaned!  My goal is to be done by lunch tomorrow. 

It's so great to feel some HOPE in my heart.  Selah was just so cute today and content...I just kept going in her room and telling her to rest up because we are ready to do some more fighting for her:)  She had finished tummy time and all her range of motion exercises with her nurse and was taking her afternoon nap.

Don't you love her custom made hospital gown?  BJ made her a bunch of gowns and I love her having them.  Usually we just use them at night but with her casts they are so much easier to put on! 

Although she is asleep, she is really holding her head up great with no pillows. Somedays she doesn't manage her head as well as others but today was a good day!  Look at her hands they are so relaxed.  I love that! 

I want to give honor tonight to a little girl who was adopted through the ministry of The Shepherd's Crook Ministry.  Shad was on TSC list, as they try to help place kids with special needs.  This sweet little girl was one of the first they had listed.  She spent her first 3 years in a crib in Bulgaria....then her family came and loved her with all their hearts.  A few days ago she got sick with a cold/flu and her heart got infected.  She was taken off life support today.  Please pray for this family.....and hold your family close tonight....  We never know what the future holds..... 

Thank you for your prayers for Selah.  Tomorrow is a big day, she has physical therapy and her occupational therapy evaluation.  Hopefully we will have our phone interview with the doctor overseeing her HBOT therapy also.  Hopefully I will have lots of info to share tomorrow:)

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  1. Selah looks so precious and angelic :)

    I'm sorry for their loss.....prayers for comfort and strength.