Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

After a rough night, somehow the day turned out good.

Here is our big surprise for our church .....


The chairs we ordered almost three years ago....came in Saturday night at 6 pm.  the company went bankrupt right after we ordered AND paid for the chairs.  I was SICK about it and fought as hard as I could sending letters to the judge etc....   Well they reorganized and we finally got the chairs...  I was so happy that they got delivered in time for Easter.   I really had doubts that we'd ever see them so I am so thankful that everything worked out!  Now our big remodeling things are done for the church.  My next goal is the yard!  A few years ago the company that did our new sidewalk brought in bad sand that had weeds in it and it has taken over the property.  We are going to work at resoddening the yard one part at a time.  I actually think it's supposed to be done in winter and it will be a big job but we've handled worse:)

Here's my crew on the front row
This is where Selah sits during church.  She likes the bean bag chair

Guy, Anita & Ziggy, Jon singing "The Old Rugged Cross"
After the Egg Hunt

Easter 2013



This afternoon Shad enjoyed his "new" refurnished bike a friend gave him.  It's his "grown up" bile and he loves it!


the guys were going to go bike riding but then my husband's van had a flat....but they got to bond over that LOL

I sat outside with Selah in the swing for over an hour.  She seemed so happy and relaxed but seconds after this picture was taken she threw up on me!  We think (hope) she had a bit of motion sickness!  She got a bath and so did I!

She was given several new outfits today (thanks BJ!) and she is modeling one in this picture.
Since the nurse has left her alarm has gone off several times already.  Her oxygen levels are a bit down (the machine is set at 92 %)  Her heart rate is still a bit too high 110-120  Please pray that she has a good night and that nothing is going on with her. she had a slight temp around 8 am but nothing since except some sneezing and throwing up once.  No gross mucus or anything.   I am so tired, I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night.  Tomorrow she has an appointment for her casts to come off!!!!!!!!!   I want her well for that appointment! 
So hopefully tomorrow will be the end of the casts!!!!!
Ps....Easter is more nostalgic for me than Christmas...I was thinking of my family that are passed away.  Many folks I grew around are all gone now.  I can remember singing some of the same hymns we sang this morning, many years ago with my new dress and usually a hat on.  Wouldn't it be nice to go back in time for just a few minutes to see all our loved ones?  Today gives me that HOPE that one day I will see them all again and we'll sing around the throne together.....

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  1. Happy Easter! The chairs look amazing. Love the photo on the swing. Praying for your night. Praying for continued strength and healing for all!