Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt- Lighthouse for the Blind- Lion's Club  this is the video from the egg hunt

Here is the article:)

I got to share in both:)  And there is some cute video of Sam

We just love Lighthouse for the Blind!  Every state has some organization like Lighthouse but I think Florida's in really good.  They were there for us shortly after Sam was home from the hospital.  The teacher came every week and worked with him and ME!  I think I needed it the most.  Our first teacher was Nancy, and I think I cried on her shoulder every single week for the first few months!  I was terrified of raising a child who was Blind!  But really through their help and through God's, I learned that it was a gift not a curse....yes, it was a different sort of life but it was livable AND it was enjoyable!!!!  I can really not say enough good about Lighthouse!  They all have been such a blessing in our lives for many years. 

This year we had the egg hunt at the Cotee River Lion's Club of New Port Richey Florida.  It was beautiful out there.  they have a place on the Cotee River with a walkway over it.  They prepared lunch for us.  Sam was first in line and ate 2 hamburgers:)  The Lion's Club is important to our family also.  When Sam was first born, he had cornea transplants given by organ donors that gave him a small measure of sight.  The Lion's club does that service for the state of Florida.  We actually got on the elevator with the repersentive from the Lion's Club.  He was carrying a small cooler, and he gleefully told us that the cornea's were in there!  So we rode up to surgery with Sam's new corneas:)  Of course we are forever grateful to the families/individuals that gave the gift of sight to Sam.  Even though it only worked for Sam a few years until his body rejected the grafted gave him some sight and most importantly it allowed his brain to make "pathways" from his eyes to his brain and that helped him be ready when he had the implants done to be able to see.  A person has to make those eye/brain connections as a child or they can never have sight!

Jon and me on the walkway

Jon in the background

I love the REAL Florida

the pavilion



the gang

Here are some pictures of the real Florida, the Florida I love and grew up in.  Nothing relaxes me more than being out in nature. 
some of the kids and staff

Princess Sarah
King Sam
Shad enjoyed playing with a beeping ball.  The kids who were not blind had to wear blacked out glasses so they could experience blindness.  He had a blast and met some new friends

Egg Time!
Steve helped Sam!


Sam really enjoyed it but he thought he was supposed to sit down every time he got an egg.  It was hilarious:)

Shad participated by wearing the blacked out glasses too:)  He loves to be involved.  Look at his Duck Dynasty shirt....

Sarah's first egg hunt:)



She really enjoyed herself




Love this girl:)
We didn't bring Selah, it was an hour drive and we didn't think she'd enjoy herself very much.  Plus until we get a handicapped van we can't all go in the same car.  But she was happy when we got home and was just waking up from her nap.   I'm thankful for nurses I can trust to take care of her!
Only one more week till the casts come off!!!
she always responds to Jon, she is such a daddy's girl!!!
So everyone had a good day:)  When we got home, Steve put together all our new tv stuff.  Our old ( i think 11 year old pre-owned-thanks Jean)  big screen tv died last week so we moved into the HD age:)  We picked up the stand today and rearranged our living room.  Steve joyfully put it all together AND we got a Blu-Ray!  Wow we have moved into the 21st century LOL  ONLY because we have a teenager!  The boys are so excited, they got Lord Of The Rings on bluray and they are just certain it will be the best movie ever LOL  (they've seen it and have it on DVD but that movie and The Hobbit are their not so much but whatever......)
Thank you all for your prayers!  Please keep praying for Selah.  I will post more info for the little girl I posted about yesterday when I get a reply from her mom. 


  1. Love the joy in this post! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your special family time!

  2. God bless those organizations! I have always heard such wonderful things about them! What a great day for the kids :) And yes, I grew up on 7 acres, and I'm a native but now I can't handle the heat. But I do love nature so much.

    YOU look great!!!

    I know what you mean about the HD/Bluray.....our tv in the family room is sloooooowly giving out. So we watch movies on our flatscreen in the bedroom. I do love Bluray, esp since I am not able to get out to the movies (it's been 3 yrs!)

    My son can't WAIT to see The Hobbit, need to rent that for him. We watched Les Miserables last night and I was so swept away I cried most of the will love Madea even more I'm sure!

    Wondering how your friends' kids are after surgery...they've been on my mind.

    I'm glad the weather was so nice for you all today! The kids with the egg hunt--so precious :) And Selah looking at her daddy *heart melting*

    May you all experience joy and blessings in this Holy Week!

  3. Yvonne, thank you so much for sharing about this special egg hunt. I recently organized an egg hunt for special needs people. It was held yesterday and ended up being a success. My mind is already swirling with new ideas for next year. I learned too late about the beepers but I plan on using those next year for the visually impaired. And I love the idea of using the black-out goggles for the "normal" siblings to participate. I was trying to think of ways to allow siblings to participate but still give the special people a fair chance at picking up eggs. I'm going to use that idea next year! I was very pleased, though, yesterday at how nicely everyone worked together. Before I let everyone go pick up the eggs, I encouraged them to help each other, be respectful, and have fun. It was humbling and encouraging to witness exactly what I asked for. My daughter's previous experiences at egg hunts always ended with her being very upset because other kids would keep grabbing eggs that she was trying to reach for. She always came away nearly empty-handed. If you're interested and have time to read about my first annual special needs egg hunt, here is the link:
    By the way, Sarah looks so cute. And I love the way you dress up your little girls. Enjoy it now because they may not later on, LOL. I always dressed up my little girl in the most feminine things and now all she wants to wear are jeans and cotton shirts.